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whoever scores more points in 9 innings ...or when the home team retires the visiting team in the top of any inning after 9 innings given they have a lead and the game went into extra innings. And they are runs not points.

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The winning pitcher is determined based on the score of the game such as for example if Greinke started a game for the Diamondbacks and they're winning after 5 innings he would be eligible for a win however if he were to leave the game before 5 innings are completed then it would be up to the home team's official scorer to make that call based on who he or she believed gave the best performance out of the bullpen.

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A winner is decided in soccer by how many goals scored. The team with the most goals wins. Occasionally there is a tie, which means each team scored the same amount.

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Q: In baseball how is the winner determined?
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