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If you are a Baseball pitcher, you want a low era. ERA stands for earned run average, meaning how many runs were scored on you. You want low one because no pitcher wants people to score on them.

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Q: In baseball do you want a low pitching era or higher?
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Who is the 1 baseball player?

Cy Young by far. He changed the standards for pitching for his era and many eras onward.

Who is the best pitcher in baseball?

Ublado Jiemenz of the Colorado Rockies achieving an ERA of 0.70 and pitching the first no hitter in the history of the Rockies.

What is a good era for baseball?

The lower the era, the better it is.

You want to know about the contemporary era?

i want to know what was happening at the time of the contemporary era

Who had a 5.24 ERA in 2005 for the Washington Nationals pitching staff?

Claudio Vargas

Higher unit of time is?

An era is a higher unit of time, as is a millenium, or century.

What baseball statistics are in the pitching triple crown?

The stats used to determine the Triple Crown of Pitching are wins, strikeouts, and earned run average or ERA. The first American League pitcher to win the Triple Crown of Pitching was Cy Young in 1901. The first pitcher to win it in the National League was Tommy Bond in 1877.

What does the abbreviation era stand for in baseball?

ERA= Earned Run Average.

What is a era in baseball?

The ERA in baseball stands for Earned Run Average which is the average amount of runs given up by a pitcher per game. For example a 1.98 ERA is amazing but a 6.10 ERA is terrible. The lower your ERA the better.

What was a name for the 1920s baseball era?

Many historians call the period of baseball starting in 1920 the Live Ball Era.

What was Babe Ruth's ERA in the 1916 World Series?

Pitching for the Boston Red Sox in the 1916 World Series, Babe Ruth's ERA was .87. This is amazing.

What does era stand for on a baseball card?

ERA stands for a pitcher's earned run average.

What is better a high ERA or a lower ERA?

Low ERA is better - Means less Earned runs by a pitcher in Baseball

What is a 750 clip baseball?

The clip part is refering to a streak that a player is on and it could be used as the batter is batting at a 750 clip, which would be batting average, or a 7.50 clip ERA, which would be for pitching. Also the 750 clip baseball is maybe the most difficult baseball game because it is too quick.

What was Babe Ruths pitching record?

In MLB, Babe Ruth's career pitching record was 94-46 with a 2.28 ERA, 107 complete games, and 17 shutouts. In the World Series his record was 2-0 with a 0.87 ERA and 2 complete games.

What major league pitcher had the lowest ERA in the American League in 1916?

Babe Ruth, pitching for the Boston Red Sox had the best ERA in 1916. It was 1.75. That's a low ERA for people not familiar with the game.

What did the progressive era want?

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What are Bob Howry's pitching stats with the Chicago Cubs?

2006- 4W, 5L, 5saves, 3.17 ERA 2007- 6W, 7L, 8 saves, 3.32 ERA

What is the worst era for a pitcher in baseball?

I think it was Carlos Zambrano with the Cubs in 2001 it was 15.26 ERA

Who has the record for the lowest era?

C.C Sabathia has the lowest era in the history of baseball. In 2009 his first year with the Yankees his era was .53.

Who was the pitcher that made Major League Baseball lower the pitching mound?

The pitcher was Bob Gibson. MLB lowered the mound in 1969. In 1968, Gibson went 22-9 with a 1.12 ERA and 268 strike outs.

What does ERA in baseball mean?

Earned Run Average

In baseball what does era stand for?

Earned Run Average

What does era mean in baseball?

Earned Run Average

What does era stand for in baseball?

Earned Run Average