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When a throw is made to a base where there is no force out, the throw has to be catchable to avoid the runner taking more bases on an overthrow or an error. So a throw must be placed some distance above the ground for the position player to make a play on the ball. This gives the base runner the opportunity to slide under the throw and touch the base with either his hand or foot.

So I guess in short a slide is intended to get under the throw.

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Q: In baseball a base runner can usually get to a base quicker by running than by sliding explain why this is so why slid then?
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In baseball, when a player is running the bases, if he or she is touching any base (usually with a foot, although a person sliding into base might use a hand instead) that player safe, meaning, he or she cannot be tagged out, and will not be out if the baseball is caught and thrown to the catcher. He or she can remain at the base, and can continue running the next time the baseball is hit, by the next player who is up.

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