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A forehand shot.

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Q: In badminton motion similar to throwing a ball?
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Motion similar to throwing a ball?

throwing a tennis ball

What is smash in badminton?

The smash in badminton is a shot which you play when you hit the shuttlecock really hard and it lands on the opposite side.It's the most aggressive shot in badminton - the technique is very similar to serving in tennis or throwing a ball overarm.To learn about how to smash please see the related link.The smash is the most aggressive shot in badminton. The technique for smashing is very similar to serving in tennis or throwing a ball overarm.To learn more about smashing, have a look at the related link.

Is badminton similar to tennis?

It is similar to tennis but in some case, it have the same representation level like throwing the shuttlecock or ball through racket. But both the games have different rules.

What is badminton similar to?

Tennis, Squash or racquet ball.

How is the motion of ball bearings similar to the motion of the gas particles?


What are the different kind of athletics?

the kind of athletics are track and field foot ball running throwing badminton and anyhing that sports

What are the names of hitting a badminton ball?

Badminton is not played with a ball. Badminton uses a feathered object called a shuttlecock, or shuttle.

Describe a forehand shot in badminton?

A shot in which the hand flexes at the wrist, similar to how a person throws a ball.

Is throwing a ball a linear function?

No. Throwing a ball is a quadratic function.

What is the name of the badminton ''ball''?

Badminton is played with a birdie, or formally a shuttlecock.

What is a backhand shot in badminton?

Backhand shots in tennis and badminton are very similar. What you do to play a backhand shot is to bring the hand holding the racket across your body and play at the ball/shuttle from there.

What is the opposite of a ball?

Throwing the ball.

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In badminton what is always an underhand shot?

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