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Q: In badminton can your racket go over or under the net so long as when you make contact with the birdie it is on your side?
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Does golf and badminton go together?

They don't. But, there is a small connection. The shuttle cock in badminton is sometimes referred to as a birdie. And a birdie is a score of one under par on a given hole in golf.

How do you do a badminton serve?

Serving in badminton is opposite from the form used in tennis. To serve, hold the bird in one hand and hold the racket below it. Then drop the birdie and hit the center of the rubber tip with an underhand motion.

What are the basic rules serving in badminton?

The goal is to hit the shuttle, or the 'birdie,' over the net and land on other side of the net. If a person hits it into the net or off the court they will lose that rally. You can hit the shuttle only once before it goes over the net. When serving, one cannot serve like in tennis, it must be below your waist when you hit the shuttle.


One under par

What is the term birdie mean in a game of golf?

An eagle is two strokes under par, a birdie is one stroke under. An eagle is a better score.

How many under par is a birdie?

A score of one under par

What does birdie mean in golf?

A birdie is one stroke under par on a given hole.

One under par on a hole is called what?

A birdie.

What is between eagle and par?

The answer is birdie. It is one under.

What is a birdie in golf?

A birdie is a hole played one stroke under par.

What score does a bird get you in golf?

A "birdie" is not a specific score, it's one under whatever par for the hole is. If it's a par 3 hole, then a birdie is 2; if it's a par 5 hole, a birdie is 4.

What is better than the standard in golf?

Under par. Birdie, eagle or albatross.