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Yes the Fire is real in an inferno match

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โˆ™ 2007-06-14 17:20:34
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Q: In an inferno match is the fire real?
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How do you win a inferno match?

You have to set your opponent on fire.

How do you throw them in the fire in an inferno match?

You Irish whip them.

Inferno match how do you throw them into fire 2010?

draging them

How do you win an inferno match on PS3?

get your opponent on fire and out the Ring

How ican win in inferio match in WWE?

An inferno match is won by setting your opponent on fire.

How do you win an inferno match In WWE 2011?

by setting your opponent on fire

Wwe inferno match?

An inferno match, in WWE is where the ring is surrounded by flames. To win, you must set your opponent on fire. These matches are not done very often, though, due to how dangerous they are.

How do you throw him into the fire in the inferno match?

you hold the r3 button and direct your opponent

How do I throw my opponent into the fire on Smackdown vs Raw 2010 for the Wii on Inferno match?

You drag rhem to the fire

How do you win an inferno match on smackdown vs raw 2010 for psp?

you have to push them in to the fire

What is the secret behind the WWE inferno match?

it is very hot and the ring is on fire you have to throw your opponent through the fire to win

How do you win the inferno match for playstation2?

Once you get your opponent down on the mat, you grab them and drag them towards the fire.

How do you win a WWE inferno match?

an inferno match is a match in which the ring is surrounded with fire and in order to win you must light your opponent on fire. On a wii, you have to get the temp to 500 by beating the crap out of your opponent, then pick him up by holding C. then grapple him with B + Z and hold, + move the joystick on the nunchuck. then it will make you throw him over and he will catch on fire. (P.S., in the victory scene, some guy comes with a fire extinguisher and puts out the fire on your opponent, XD)

To win an inferno match in smackdown vs raw 2010 how do you throw him into the fire?

Grapple them and drag them near the ropes

How do you grab your oppenent in fire in inferno match in svr 2010 in ps2?

you push the right joystick down and hold it

How do you win a inferno match on smackdown v raw 2010?

Get the flames to 500. Then strong grapple, and drag the opponent into the fire.

On smack down vs raw 2010 in the inferno match watch is the control to put your opponent in the fire?

you put pooppoo in your mouth

In an inferno match on SVR 09 how can you chuck the person into the fire?

get it to 500of and then drag the opponent to the ropes an easy way to get the flames to 500of is to do your finisher

How do you put people in fire on SvR 2010?

I don't think you can.GobbleSwabble U Can U Gotta Either Ignite a Weapon Or Do an Inferno Match And Win.

How do you throw your opponent in to the fire on smackdown vs raw 2011 in an inferno match for the psp?

so you put your opponent near table, and do right stick

Sd vs raw 2009 what is a special match?

an inferno match

How do you unlock the inferno match?

You don't have to :P

What are the inferno match controls?

on wii its a and b

Can you make a sentence with the word inferno?

INFERNO : a fiery place, as a large or intense fire (stereotypically "a raging inferno") Example : "After the explosion, the paint factory became an inferno." Example: "As the forest fire spread, hikers fled the inferno." * Also, metaphorically, any place with "hellish" conditions.

Who is going to be on smackdown in the WWE draft 2009 huh?

The newest match is the Inferno Match