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During the first powerplay 9 fielders; including the wicket-keeper and bowler are mandatory to be placed inside the circle. 2 of the 9 fielders must be at the close catching position. During 2nd and 3rd powerplay one fielder can be spared from inside to outside the circle.

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Q: In an ODI Cricket Match how many fielders should be in the inner circle during the powerplay?
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What is the rule of power play in cricket?

Powerplay is a rule in which the only 2 or 3 fielders can should be outside the 30 yard circle.....This is an advantage for the batsmen to score quick runs. There are 3 powerplays in one day cricket,the first one is commpulsory for the first ten overs, and the 2nd and the 3rd powerplays are 5 overs each.....T20 cricket one compulsory powerplay for the first six overs........

What is batting powerplay?

Powerplay is a rule imposed in the shortened versions of the cricket game like ODIs or 20-20 games. During a power play only 2 fielders from the fielding team are allowed to stand outside the 30 yard circle. This rule is actually considered as a boon to the batting team because, with lack of protection in the deep, batsmen can take risks and try to increase the score. In ODI's powerplay is played from overs 1-10.Two other powerplays are played of 5 overs each, one picked by the bowling side 'n one by the batting side. The batting powerplay can have only 3 fielders outside the 30 yard circle,unlike the original powerplay which can have only 2 fielders outside.Same rule is applied when bowling powerplay is taken.

What does bowling power play mean in cricket?

During a Powerplay in an ODI, only 3 or 2(in the compulsory Powerplay) players can field outside the 30-yard circle. There are in all 3 Powerplays. The first one is the compulsory one from 1-10 overs. And the other two Powerplays can be taken between the 16-40 overs. One Powerplay is the bowling Powerplay. That is the bowling side decides when to take it. And the other is the batting Powerplay which is decided by the batting side as to when will it be taken.

What is the purpose of 30 yards circle in the game of cricket?

30 yard circle is like a limit which is used during power-plays. During the 1st 10 overs of mandatory power-play only 2 fielders are allowed to field out of 30 yards circle and for bowling and batting power0play 3 fielders are allowed to field out of it. And during the normal course 4 fielders must be within the 30 yards circle excluding wicket keeper and bowler.

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