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Q: In a swimming pool how many laps does it take to complete a 200?
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How many laps in a 15 yard pool equal a mile?

Thirty five laps is equal to a mile in a fifteen yard swimming pool. The time to complete these laps may vary.

How many swimming laps is a 400m?

16 laps in a 25m pool 8 laps in a 50m pool

How many laps in a swimming pool would you have to complete five football fields?

It depends on the length of the pool. In a 25 yd pool, it would take 20 laps. In a 50 yd pool, it would take 10 laps.

How many laps is 100m swimming?

depends on the pool 25m pool 4 laps 50m 2 laps

How many miles are there in 200 laps in a swimming pool?

there are 6.5 miles of swimming if you do 200 laps in a standard Olympic sized pool.

How many laps is 500yds in a swimming pool?

Assuming a 25 yards long pool, 10 laps (20 lengths of the pool).

How many laps in a pool is 1 million meters?

In an olypic swimming pool it is 20,000 laps in a kids pool it is 40,000 laps. Hope I answered your question xx

In a 25-yard swimming pool how many laps do you have to swim to constitute a quarter of a mile?

17.6 laps

How many laps in swimming mile?

66 laps in a 25 yard pool would equal a miles.

How many laps in 25yd pool equals one third of a mile?

22 laps in a 25 yard pool is equal to 1/3 mile. In competitive swimming, 66 laps or 1650 yds. is what is considered a mile. If swimming a 50 meter pool, 1,500 meters or 30 laps is a mile.

How many laps should you swim to equal 1 mile?

66 laps in an average YMCA swimming pool.

How many calories burned swimming 32 laps?

Someone can burn as many as 2000 calories while swimming 32 laps in a pool. This number could be higher or lower based on intensity and speed of the laps.

How many swimming laps equal 600 yards?

24 in a 25yd pool 12 in a 50yd pool

How many laps make a mile?

On an outdoor track 4 laps equal one mile. In a swimming pool, a swimming mile is 33 laps down and back, a real mile is 36 laps down and back.

How many laps is equal to swimming 1.5k?

about 66 in a 25 yard pool

How many swimming laps is 2 miles?

That would depend on the size of the pool.

How many laps in an olympic size swimming pool equal a mile?

In a 50 meter pool, one mile would be 16 laps (32 lengths).

How many laps in 800 meters?

In swimming there are 16 laps of a 50m pool (a standard Olympic size pool) In running there are 2 laps of a 400m track (the standard athletics track)

How many swimming laps equals a quarter of a mile of swimming?

It depends on the size of the swimming pools. If the pool is small, you need to swim many laps to get to 1/4 mile. 1/4 mile is 440 yards.

How many laps in swimming makes a mile?

25meter pool = 64 lengths or 20meter pool = 80 lenghts

How many laps in an average swimming pool is 1 kilometer?

a 25 metre pool? that's 40 laps. A 50 metre (Olympic size ) pool is 20 laps 1000 metres in a Kilometre.

How many laps is a 150m in a pool?

Olympic sized-swimming pools are 50 m long. 150 m is three laps.

Swimming in pool 60 feet long how many laps do you need to swim for a mile?

If a lap is going from one end of the pool to the other once, then it would be 88 laps.

How many lenghts is a mile in a 23m swimming pool?

A 23 meter pool is equal to a 25 yard pool. In a swim race, the mile is 66 laps. An actual mile is 68 laps. Its weird.

How many swimming laps is equivalent to walking a mile?

In a standard Olympic sized pool, 32 laps around would equal a mile. Or, swimming 16 lengths, or going back and forth from one end of the pool to the other.