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93 yards is the longest thrown yardage in history

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Q: In a football game What is the longest yards a football been thrown?
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Has a football every been thrown 100 yards in the air?

Brat favre has

What is the longest distance a football has been kicked in any code of football?

The longest kick ever in football was done by Tom Dempsey 63 yards

What is the world record for the farthest a football has been thrown?

In a game, the longest verifiable throw of an American football is 82 or 83 yards. It took place between Dallas Cowboys QB Don Meredith and superstar receiver Bob Hayes. It resulted in a 95 yard touchdown.

What is the longest distance a football has been thrown?

In competitive football, the length of the throw is not measured, but rather the length of the play (catch and run). The longest pass is 99 yards in US football and 109 yards in Canada, that being one yard less than the length of the field. There is no official record for Longest Throw, but a distance of 80-90 yards (73-82 m) seems to be considered the longest. NFL quarterbacks such as Steve Bartkowski, Randall Cunningham, and Jamarcus Russell (all tall, powerful throwers) have thrown the ball that far in the air. One NFL site lists an unofficial record for ball distance, which was 83 yeads by Don Meredith of the Dallas Cowboys, part of a 95-yard pass to Bob Hayes on November 13, 1966. (see related question)

What is the longest distance a baseball has been thrown?

423 ft.

How far longest football reception?

99 yards. It has been done an many occasions, including three times by Redskins recievers for some reason.

What is the longest pass in NFL history?

The longest possible pass in the NFL is 99 yards (a touchdown thrown from within the 1-yard line) - it has been done 11 times in NFL history. (see related question)

What is the average speed of a thrown football?

The average velocity of a thrown football is from 40 to 60 MPH. Although there has been faster velocities recorded.

What is the fastest a football has been thrown?

303 MPH by Todd Blackledge in 1983

What is the farthest someone has thrown a football?

Joe Namath, Matthew Reed, and a couple others have been credited with throws of over 90 yards but keep in mind that the strongest arm ever may not belong to a QB

Which premiership football manager has been with their prsent club the longest?

Sir alex ferguson

What is the importance of maths in sports?

how many yards have been run (football or cross country), how far something is thrown or how high a jump is (gymnastics, horse riding, pole vaulting, discus throwing) or how fast a ball is being pitched in baseball or softball.

What is the longest pass record in football?

There have been many TD passes in NFL history that have covered 110 yds . Those are passes with yards after catch. According to the NFL, the longest pass with no YAC was an 83 yard pass from Don Meredith to Bob Hays. Outside of an official NFL game, it is reported that Terry Bradshaw once threw a pass from goal line to goal line (100 yds in the air) at a football camp in Louisiana. The longest collegiate "in the air" pass is recorded as 96 yards, on two separate occasions.

Longest recorded 50 bmg shot?

the longest recorded kill was 1149 yards,but that may have been eclipsed this year in afgan.I just do not know what caliber ws used.

Who served the longest period as football manager?

Sir Alex Ferguson, current (as of middle of 2010/11 season) manager of Manchester United FC, is the longest-serving football manager of the English league system. He has been in charge of the football club for 24 years.

Facts about Minnesota Vikings football team?

They have a horrible pass defense but they have the best running defense in the NFL. They haven't won a single superbowl and they've been to one 4 different times. QB Brett Favre for the 2009 season made 363 of 531 passes for 4,202 yards with a completion rate of 68.4%. His average passing was 7.9 yards per attempt. He's also thrown 33 TDs (touchdowns) with a 6.2% rate, and threw 7 interceptions with a rate of 1.3%. His longest pass was 63 yards and was sacked 34 times losing a total of 247 yards in those sacks. His rating was 107.2. QB Tavaris Jackson didn't play much, but when he did he made 14 of 21 passes for 201 yards with a completion rate of 66.7%. His yardage per attempt was 9.6 yards. He threw 1 TD and 0 interceptions with his longest throw being 34 yards. He never got sacked and his rating is 113.4. Runningback Adrian Peterson ran the ball 314 times for 1,383 yards with 4.4 yards per attempt. His longest run was 64 yards and has a total of 18 TDs. Runningback Chester Taylor ran 94 times for 338 yards with 3.6 yards per attempt. His longest was 25 yards and he scored 1 TD. Percy Harvin ran 15 times for 135 yards with 9.0 yards per attempt. His longest was 35 yards with 0 TDs. Wide receiver Sidney Rice received the ball 83 times for 1,312 yards with 15.8 yards per reception. His longest was 63 yards and has scored 8 TDs. Kicker Ryan Longwell made 1 FG from 1-19 yards, 10 from 20-29 yards, attempted 6 from 30-39 yards but made 5 of those, attempted 9 from 40-49 yards and made 8, and he made 2 FGs from 50+ yards out. Punter Chris Kluwe punted 73 times averaging 43.9 yards per punt. He punted 9 touchbacks and punted 24 times within the 20-yard line. His longest punt was 60 yards and was blocked 0 times. Darius Reynaud returned 30 punts averaging 10.3 yards per return. His longest was 36 yards and made 0 TDs. Percy Harvin returned 42 kicks (not punts) for 1,156 yards averaging 27.5 yards per return. His longest was 101 yards and scored 2 TDs. Defensive line player Kevin Williams made 30 tackles, 22 by himself with 8 assists. He made 6 sacks and forced 1 fumble. Chad Greenway made 3 interceptions for a total of 49 yards averaging 16.3 yards per interception with his longest being 36 yards with 0 TDs.

What is the longest touchdown pass ever completed?

There have been many 99 yards touchdown passes in both college and the NFL.

What football team reigned the longest in the English 1st division?

Arsenal is the only club in the E.P.L.ho have never been relegated, so they have the longest reign in England.

Is it correct to say the stones i've been thrown without an AT the stones i've been thrown at?

It is neither correct to say " stones i've been thrown " nor "the stones i've been thrown at".

What team has been in top flight football the longest?

Arsenal has been in the top flight the longest. Arsenal (1919) 90 years Everton (1954) 55 years

How high has a football been thrown?

I'm not positively sure :p but i just felt like answering <3

What distance has been the longest field goal ever scored at a football game?

In the NFL:Regular season: 63 yards, Tom Dempsey, Jason ElamPreseason: 65 yards, Ola Kimrin The longest field goal ever was made by Ove Johannson for NAIA College Football's Abilene Christian versus East Texas State on October 16,1976.

What team has been in top flight football the longest consecutively?

Everton Aston villa and man utd

Longest football rivalry west of Mississippi river?

The longest rivalry west of the Mississippi river is the rivalry between Kirkwood and Webster that has been going on for 102 years.

What is the longest drive in terms of yardage in pro football history?

The longest drive possible is starting from the team's own end zone. This has been done before, but it is rare.

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