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Yes, it is interference. If, in the umpire's judgment, it was unintentional, the play continues as normal. If it was intentional, the ball is called dead and runners/batter gets two bases.

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Q: In a baseball game if a hitter hits a fair ball down the line and it hits the ball girl is that considered an interference?
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Can a baseball player be pushed off a base and tagged out?

No, this would be considered a dead ball play. A blatant obstruction might be deemed interference and the runner awarded a base.

What do you call the guy who hits the ball with the baseball bat in baseball?

The hitter...

What happens if a ball hits the backstop and the on deck hitter picks it up as a runner is coming home?

Interference, runner scores

What is a pithcher in baseball?

it is the player who pitches the ball to the hitter on the opposite team!:0 (in other words its the person who throws the ball to the hitter)-sierra

What happens if in baseball the ball goes into the runners jersey?

If you are referring to runners already on base, then that runner is considered out because of interference with the ball that was in play.Clarification:Above answer refers to a batted ball that was not touched by a defensive player first. In a situation where a thrown ball or a deflected ball gets stuck in a offensive player's (runner's) jersey then it is a dead ball. The runners will get to advance to the base they are going to and then the play is over

A runner is hit by the ball in the back running to first is the ball dead?

Only if it is ruled interference by the umpire -- dead ball and runner is out, no other runners advance.... if no interference is called, this is a live ball

In basketball illegal interference with the ball when the ball is above the basket?


Illegal interference with the ball when the ball is above the basket in basketball?


Is a passed ball considered a steal in baseball?

No. Passed balls and wild pitches are not considered stolen bases.

What is the umpire interference rule in high school baseball?

There are two types of umpire interference: when the umpire hinders the catcher's attempt to throw the ball and when an umpire is struck by a fair batted ball before it touches or passes an infielder, other than the pitcher. In the case of interference on a catcher's throw; if the throw retires the runner, the play stands, if not, the ball is dead and all runners return to their bases. In the case of interference on an infielder, the batter-runner is awarded first base and all other runners advance only if forced to do so.

In volleyball what is considered a replay?

Replays are when either there is interference on the court...such as other people or another ball rolling on the court Replays can also happen when the referee could not see where the ball hit the ground (if it was in or out) or was not paying attention

What happens if in baseball the ball gets stuck in a runners jersey?

If it was a hit ball and the ball was stuck in the runners jersey then the runner is out assuming he had the first contact with the ball. If a fielder has the ball stuck in the jersey then the ball is dead and the hitter would be safe at first.