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Q: In Turkish oil wrestling why do the wrestlers put their hands inside each others pants?
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What the wreslers doing today?

Most of the wrestlers are working for either WWE or TNA wrestling in Orlando. Others are working for Ring of Honor, Reality of Wrestling, Lucha Underground, and other independent and foreign promotions abroad.

Is roman reigns related to the rock?

Yes, Roman Reigns and The Rock are real life cousins. They are apart of the Anoai wrestling family, which is a large Samoan wrestling family that consist of professional wrestlers The Rock, Rikishi, The Uso Twins, Roman Reigns, Umaga, and several others.

Do wrestlers pick their finishers?

some do but others use normal moves

How much is an autograph from a WWE referee worth?

It really depends on the popularity of the wrestler (and I assume we're talking pro wrestlers here). Some wrestlers sign more than others and some are better known. Big names who don't sign a lot--and vintage wrestling autographs are the most valuable. To track prices & get more info,

Where did Mickie James get her start in Wrestling?

She was trained under several schools: KYDA pro, The Funking Conservatory (a pretty popular wrestling school where many of today's wrestlers got their start) and Ohio Valley Wrestling (used to be a WWE developmental spot, now its TNA developmental). And she started her wrestling career in many indy circuits; CWF, DCW, SCW, UCW, UWF and a few others. Months/years later, she ended up in Total Nonstop Wrestling back in 2002 and even in Ring of Honor (ROH) for a while before debuting in WWE in 2005.

A form of wrestling?

forms of wrestling include Grecco-Roman,Freestyle, Folkstyle and many others

How do you get varsity in wrestling if you never done it?

At the beginning of a wrestling season, tryouts are held at which time each person wrestles against others in their weight class. If you beat all of the others on your team in your weight class, or if there are no others in your weight class, then you are selected to be on the Varsity squad. If you have no experience, this might be difficult against others more experienced, so you might want to attend a wrestling camp, or get some private coaching from a knowledgeable wrestler in the off-season before tryouts begin (wrestling team coaches might be restricted from training you in the off-season). If your team has a Junior Varsity squad, and you don't make Varsity the first time out, be sure not to give up, or quit. By wrestling on J.V., you gain valuable experience that will help you to possibly get Varsity in the next season. Sometimes, J.V. wrestlers are permitted to challenge the Varsity wrestler at their weight class part way through the season to try and take over the slot, so it is important to keep wrestling for the experience.

Are wrestlers of WWE actors?

Some of them are. John Cena, Kane, Batista, Stone cold and a few others have been in movies.

Do the Jonas Brothers watch wrestling?

I know Joe does, but I don't know about the others

How do you create TNA wrestlers in SmackDown VS RAW 2010?

You can do this from one of two ways,1. If you have access to the internet you can download superstars that have been pre-made by others users online ,2. You can use a Create A Superstar website and make a wrestler from a TutorialPosted online.The best site for CAW's ( Create A Wrestlers ) is probably , although there are many more online for you to use free !

How many ethnic groups are in Cyprus?

greek Turkish very few Armenian Legally, by citizenship... Greeks 78%, Turkish 18%, Others 5%

What are the rules in a WWE six pack challenge?

. It involves six wrestlers, with two actively in the ring, and four others outside standing at the turnbuckles. Instead of tagging in and out to become legal, the outside wrestlers enter the ring as soon as another leaves