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It's a sprain in the upper ligament of your ankle. These are usually much more painful and take longer to heal. (I had one about 2 months ago and they suck). The only good part is that with a high ankle sprain there is less of a chance of recurring problems as compared to a low ankle sprain aka. regular sprain.

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Q: In Sport what exactly is a high ankle sprain?
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How do you sprain my ankle?

Jump from a high place

How can you sprain your ankle?

Jump off a high surface area, down to a low area.jump off a high surface to a low surface

How do you sprain your ankle by jumping from a high place?

If you jump down from a high distance and end up with a sprained ankle, your feet did not absorb the shock of hitting the ground properly. The shocked was absorbed by the wrong ligaments (usually because of falling on the side of the foot or off balance), resulting in a sprain.

How many injures are they in a sport in high school?

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How do you sprain your ankle on purpose?

I have had a sprained ankle and it hurts like hell, but if you really want to here are three things you can do: 1.) You can put on some high heels and step off of an office chair and tilt one ankle to the side 2.) You can sit on a chair or couch and tilt your foot to the side and stand up 3.) You can get some high heels on and get 5-10 small balls (tennis or racket) and jump around until you cant jump anymore

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No, ankle weights do not work for improving high kicks. They strengthen your legs thus making them stronger.

How do you get peroneal tendonitis?

Peroneal tendon problems mostly occur where the tendons glide within the pulley behind the lateral malleolus. Their movement can cause irritation of the lining of the tendons. This condition is called tenosynovitis. The irritation can also occur after an ankle injury, such as a blow to the outside of the ankle or an ankle sprain. Repetitive ankle motions in sports, such as running and jumping, can lead to wear and tear on the tendons inside the groove. A high arch puts extra tension on the peroneal tendons within the groove and has also been found to cause peroneal tendon problems.

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