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2 Minute warning

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Q: In Pro Football the official game stoppage before halftime and the end of the game is called what?
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What is the length of each quarter in a football game?

In a football game, a quarter lasts for 15 minutes. After 2 quarters comes the halftime, when the players take a break (usually 15 minutes) before they come back to the game.

Who is the woman that Miami Heat player Lebron James kisses at halftime before going into the halftime meeting with team?

James kisses his mother, Gloria James, during halftime.

Which discipline started even before the official opening ceremony at the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Football.Women's football started two days before and men's football began one day before the opening ceremonies .

Who is the lady that Miami Heat player LeBron James kisses at halftime before going into his halftime meeting with the team?

His mom

Where or when do any countries sing their national anthem?

Maybe at a baseball game, a football game, a soccer game, a hockey game, or any other sports event. Usually before the game or at halftime.

Is featured an adjective?

"Featured" can be used as an adjective, as in "The football team will be playing before and after tonight's featuredperformance of the marching band's halftime show"."Featured" can also be the past tense of the verb "feature", as in "Last night the high school featured the marching band's halftime show."

Who gets the ball after halftime in basketball?

the team who last had the ball before the buzzer sounded

Who created the Colts official logo?

The Colts is the Indianapolis, Indiana official National Football League team. They were officially founded as the Baltimore Colts, before moving to Indianapolis. The official logo is a horseshoe, and is not attributed to anyone in particular.

When a NBA coach or player is ejected from a game before halftime are they allowed to interact with the team during halftime?

We think that you could be able to interact since they have to go to the locker room anyways.

What is the highest halftime score in college football?

Cumberland vs. Georgia Tech 1916. Georgia led 126-0 at halftime, and won 222-0. That is also the highest scoring game of all time. John Heisman of Heisman Trophy Fame was Georgia's coach. Also of note the year before Cumberland suspended their football program, but not allowed to cancel this game unless they paid a 3,000 dollar fine. Instead of paying the fine they cobbled a team together.

Can soccer goal keepers be substituted midmatch before halftime?

Goalkeepers can be substituted any time in a match.

What is Kevin durant religion?

Kevin Durant is Catholic. He does the sign of the cross before each game and at halftime.

In college basketball after a coach is ejected before halftime can he address his team during halftime?

Yes. Being ejected from the game means you must leave the floor area and not participate in the game as it is being played. There is no rule stating that a disqualified coach cannot address his team at halftime. Chances are the Stanford coach (2008 NCAA March Madness) was watching the game on TV in the locker room and knew what was going on in the game and had his halftime instructions prepared when the team entered the locker room.

If people have a problem with Americans calling soccer its name then why don't the football purists call their sport kickball?

The sport of football has been called football long before american football was introduced. Why should people who are used to calling there sport football for generations have to change the name. I belive many fans would be against a name change of their sports on both sides of the Atlantic and we have to learn to live with the way the sports are named in different countries. Football is the official name for soccer. Soccer comes from association football. Only in the USA and canada do they say soccer. The global name for football is of course football. The global name for american football is gridiron. Gridiron is a code of handball and not football. Football is a sport where players control the ball with their feet and only football does this. Football has been played for many centuries but had no official rules. The british created rules for football in 1848. After that many codes of handball arose including rugger and gridiron, none of which are codes of football. Americans will have to change their activity to gridiron as the official name.

Was football invented before baseball?

was football created before baseball

When in a football game where do you go to the bathroom?

If you are participating in the game, you would go before you came out to start the game and when you went into the locker room at halftime. It would be rare for a player to have to go during the game because, even though they are drinking a lot of fluids, they are also losing a lot of fluids through sweating.

Where might one go to purchase tickets for Minnesota Vikings Football?

You may go to ticket master to find official tickets to Minnesota Viking Football or attend the game and buy tickets from the box office before entering. You can also come before the game a week or two early and purchase from the box office.

When was London olympic started?

Wednesday July 25 2012 and Thursday July 26 2012 had some soccer or football event competitions before the official opening ceremonies

Was pro football created before college football?


Who was the Alabama football coach before Nick Saban?

Mike Shula was the Alabama football coach before Nick Saban.

What does the 2 minute warning mean and when and why did it start?

A warning (including an official stoppage of the play clock that functions as a time-out for both teams, but isn't charged to them) is given by the officials with 2 minutes remaining in both halves of a football game. If a play is currently running at the 2-minute mark, the clock stops as soon as the play is complete. Back before big electronic scoreboards, the only official game time was kept by the officiating crew. Since the coaches didn't know how much time remained in a half, the refs would stop the clock and inform them. Since then, it's been a holdover and a perfect excuse for the networks to break away to another three commercials.

What is the restart in soccer for a weather stoppage?

If play was stopped for the weather, then a drop ball. If play was already stopped, then whatever the restart would have been before the weather delay.

Why is soccer referred to as footbol?

The real name for Soccer is Football. You use your foot, to move the ball. Football was invented before American Football, the rules were written before American Football's rules. American Football shouldn't be called Football because the foot is barely used.

What was the best sport before football?

A raging sport before football for my great grandpa was football (soccer). He loved it so! -R-tennis or table tennis

I do not have any special powers but i can predict the score of any football game before it begins How can this be?

The score of any football game before it begins is: 0 - 0