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On the bubble refers to two things... During the race to get into the chase a driver is in danger of not making the chase for any numberous reasons... During qualifying for each race they say it to refer to a driver who is in danger of not qualifying for that race and will be sent packing....

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Q: In Nascar racing what do the phrases on the bubble and in the chase mean?
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How many years has NASCAR had the Chase races?

Nascar came up with the Chase in 2004.

What NASCAR team is Chase Rice the jackman for?

Currently, Chase Rice is not a jackman for any Nascar team.

What NASCAR team does Chase Rice work for?

Chase Rice is currently not working for any Nascar team.

When was Racing Plus Chase created?

Racing Plus Chase was created in 1988.

Who was the only driver to ever be added as the 13th Chase driver for Nascar's Sprint Cup Series?

In 2013, Jeff Gordon was added as a 13th Chase driver. This was due to Michael Waltrip Racing deliberately changing the outcome of the final race before the Chase, which prevented Gordon from clinching a spot.

What Nascar pit crew does Chase Rice belong to?

Currently, Chase Rice does not belong to any Nascar team. He was Jimmie Johnson's jackman in 2009.

How many times has Kasey Kahne made the Nascar Chase?

Kasey Kahne made Nascar's 'Chase' four times(2006, 2009, 2012, 2013).

Who won the 2014 nascar nationwide series?

Chase Elliott

Does the nascar driver if is not in the chase get to race any way?

For the last ten races of the season the drivers in the Chase are the only ones to compete for the Cup, but all the drivers that normally run in NASCAR races are eligible to compete...and in 2014, non-Chase drivers won Chase races.

Which NASCAR drivers qualified for the 2012 Chase?

The 2012 Nascar Chase drivers:Denny HamlinJimmie JohnsonTony StewartBrad KeselowskiGreg BiffleClint BowyerDale Earnhardt Jr.Matt KensethKevin HarvickMartin Truex Jr.Kasey KahneJeff Gordon

What year did NASCAR start the chase?

The first Chase for the Nextel (now Sprint) Cup was held during the 2004 season. The Chase was won that year by Kurt Busch.

What are the release dates for ESPN NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chase Re-Cap - 2010 TV?

ESPN NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chase Re-Cap - 2010 TV was released on: USA: November 2010