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Their are 3 positions of midfield. Left mid, Center mid, Right mid, one person on the left, one on the right and my be 2 people for center mid.

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Q: In Football what is the name for a midfield position?
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What position Marvin Humes play in football?


What position in football does Gerard Lopez play?

central midfield

What position in Football does David Beckham play?

He plays right midfield.

What does cam mean in football?

cam means center attacking midfield this is a position just infront of the center midfield which supports the attack

What is the name for a midfield soccer position?

sometimes called a half back

What is an offensive position in soccer?

There are four offensive positions, Foward, Center Midfield, Right Midfield, and Left midfield

What position is football does Steven Gerrard play?

Steven Gerrard can play centre midfield in a 4-4-2 as well as left midfield. He has played as a centre attacking midfielder in a 4-2-3-1 as well for LiverpoolCentral Attacking Midfield

Is defensive midfield a good position?

If your talking about soccer , yes. Any type of position in midfield or forward is good. Usually the "center" midfield is the best and the forwards ("stikers") are good too.

Where does cam kaka play?

"CAM" refers to his position (Central - attacking - midfield), it is not part of his name. You mean Ricardo Kaka, who plays for Real Madrid and the Brazillian national football team.

What does midfielder means in soccer?

From the name, Midfield means the central area of the field. Midfield refers to the players who play in central positions in football, in between the strikers and defenders.

What position does Luka Modric play?

Luka Modric plays in Centre Midfield or Attacking Midfield

What position does steven Gerrard play in?


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