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go to Dino domain and to the race track "ancient lake" and when you start keep going straight and you'll see a mini ramp and you go on it. but you have to have a boost in order to reach that far. the second key is in snowball valley when you start go to the left right away and the key will be there. the third one is in crescent island after you go through the cave go to the left right away and the key will be there. and the fourth one is in boulder canyon right when you get across the draw bridge get the blue balloon touch the bell then the bridge will lift and use your boost. then when you get the 4 tt keys battle tt in all 4 worlds then go to future fun land and beat wizpig.

hope that helped ;)!

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Q: In Diddy Kong Racing DS where are the 4 TT keys?
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Where is the hidden key on Diddy Kong racing?

There are 4 hidden keys in Diddy Kong Racing on Nintendo DS. The keys are located in Dino Domain, Snowflake Mountain, Dragon Forest and Shibit Island.

What actors and actresses appeared in Diddy Kong Racing DS - 2007?

The cast of Diddy Kong Racing DS - 2007 includes: Eveline Fischer as Pipsy Lee Schuneman as Bumper Katsumi Suzuki as Diddy Kong

Can Diddy Kong racing for DS connect with Mario kart racing for DS?

No,it's two different games

How do you unlock wish racing on Diddy Kong Racing DS?

you have to unlock it in the genies lamp in the unlockables

What games will Rare ware be making for the Nintendo ds?

Well i now Diddy Kong Racing DS

How do you complete adventure 1 in Diddy Kong racing DS?

you have to complete the four worlds

What does the coin with the arrow mean in diddy kong racing ds?

that means the the company made it.

What are the release dates for Diddy Kong Racing DS - 2007 VG?

Diddy Kong Racing DS - 2007 VG was released on: USA: 7 February 2007 Australia: 19 April 2007 UK: 20 April 2007

Diddy Kong Racing DS how do you use weapons?

to launch the weapons you need to press the L button

On Diddy Kong racing DS where are the keys hidden?

The first key you get is in ancient lake. The second key is in snowball walley. The third is in crescent island. The fourth is in Boulder canyon, hit the bell and the bridge will go up, then go up and there it is.

Is banjo kazooie in Diddy Kong racing DS?

No, Banjo has been removed for the DS remake. This is because Rare was bought out by Microsoft in 2002, so Banjo was replaced by Dixie Kong.

Can you unlock Donkey Kong jr in mario kart ds?

So far, Donkey Kong Jr. is only in the first Mario Kart for the SNES.Diddy Kong did not appear in MKDS, but did appear in Diddy Kong Racing, also for the DS.