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It depends which endzone. If it's their own endzone, the defense can recover it for a touchdown. If it's the defense's endzone, the offense can recover it for a touchdown.

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Q: In Canadian Football If the ball is fumbled by the offense into the endzone who can recover it for a touchdown?
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If a punt is fumbled by the punt receiver and goes into the endzone but not out of the endzone and recovered by the kicking team is it a touchdown for the kicking team or a touchback?

It's a touchdown.

What is the NCAA football's shortest pass?

If a quarterback completes a pass near the endzone, which is then fumbled by the receiver and recovered in the endzone by another teammate, he is credited with a 0-yard touchdown pass to the player that recovered the fumble. Strange rule, but it happens occasionally.

Can a fumbled ball be recovered by the same team for a touchdown in high school football?

In high school there are no special rules concerning a forward fumble, so yes, the fumbling team can recover it for a touchdown. However, if the officials determine that a ball was deliberately fumbled forward to try and gain yardage, they can rule it as an incomplete pass.

Is a fumbled punt returned for a touchdown a special teams or defense touchdown?

Special Teams. Defense is off the field at this point.

If a defensive player intercepts a ball at his own one yard line then fumbles out the back of his endzone is this a safety or a touchback?

If a player fumbled the ball into and out of bounds in his own endzone after making a pass interception on his 1 yard line, it is an automatic safety.The impetus is on the player who fumbled.

Can you fumble forward to get a touchdown?

No - this was banned after 1978 when the Raiders deliberately fumbled the ball forward against San Diego for a winning touchdown.

Can a fumbled snap on an extra point conversion be run back by the defense for a touchdown?

In college football, yes, except it counts as a 2-point "defensive conversion," not a touchdown. In the NFL, no. As soon as the defense takes possession, the ball would be dead.

If the football is fumbled is it dead at the spot?


Who was the football player that fumble the football at the 1 yard line?

There are plenty of players who have fumbled on the one yard line. Quaterbacks do it on quarterback sneaks. Countless running backs and wide recievers have had it knocked out. More often then not itll go out of the back of the endzone if it is fumbled on the goal line. I even seem to remember a defensive lineman who was showboating and was stripped of the ball. You need to give more information...

Why is a fumble that gos backward out of the inzone for the offense a safety and not a touchbach?

If you put the ball into your own endzone by backward pass or by carrying it there if the ball becomes dead in the endzone it is either a safety if you have possession at the end of the play or a touchdown if the oponent has possession at the end of the play. A ball that goes out of bounds is in possession of the last team to have possession in bounds so a ball going out of bounds in that case is a safety. Likewise a ball fumbled that goes out of bounds behind the goal line is a touchback because the team put the ball in the oponents endzone. If you put the ball in the oponents endzone it is either a touchback if he has possession or a touchdown if you have possession in the end zone at the end of the play. A kick remains a kick until it is possessed or is dead. That is why a ball touched by the receivers that then goes in the endzone where it is downed by the receivers is a touchback. It was the kick that put the ball in the opponents endzone.

Who sack the qaurterback on the hegman fumble recovery for a touchdown?

Both Hegman and Thomas 'Hollywood' Henderson hit Terry Bradshaw who fumbled. Hegman picked up the ball and ran 37 yards for a touchdown.

How many times Walter Payton fumbled the football?

as a pro, 86 times.

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