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Buy a pair of gloves so she could look ladylike.

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Q: In Caddie Woodlawn what did Clara think Caddie should do with her money?
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a forecaddie does not carry a golf bag but rather rides on the back of the golf cart or runs ahead of the golf cart on every hole. His job is the same as any other caddie because a forecaddie still rakes bunkers, gives hole descriptions, reads greens, and cleans clubs. then at the end of the round the golfers hook you up with cold hard cash. depending on the course you work at a caddie or forecaddie will make primo money.

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Of course the golfer pays an agreed upon for the caddie even if the golfer does not make the cut, normally expenses and $1000, however if the golfer makes the cut , an agreed percentage of the winning purse is awarded to the caddy.

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