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Walt 'Clyde' Frazier just pointed out during today's Knicks game (1/13/13) that the player tipping the ball out (e.g. Tyson Chandler) gets credit for the rebound and not the perimeter player who receives the tip (e.g. Jason Kidd).

Frazier disagrees with the scoring and thinks it should be the perimeter player who receives the credit. I think Mike Breen disagrees, as would I.

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Q: In Basketball Who gets the rebound on a tip out the player who tips it out or the player who then gets control?
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What is a basketball rebound?

A rebound in basketball is when a player gets the ball after a missed shot. Usually taller players will have an advantage when it comes to getting rebounds so they will average more rebounds per game. There are two types of rebounds, offensive and defensive. A defensive rebound is a rebound that you get after an opponent misses a shot and an offensive rebound is a rebound a player gets after one of his teammates misses a shot.

If a basketball player hits the rim and misses but still gets rebound do theyhave to take it back?

No, getting your own rebound means the ball is still live and your active court.

What does wire to wire mean in basketball?

When a player gets the rebound and takes it all the way "wire" (one court) to "wire" the other.

In basketball if a blocked shot stays in bounds who gets credit for the rebound- the player who blocked the shot or the player that retrieved the ball?

The player that retrieved the ball. The blocker is credited with a block.

Who getscredit for a rebound on a missed free throw?

The player that gets the rebound, offense or defense.

Who gets paid more a basketball player or football player?

Basketball players

Who gets paid more a football player or a basketball player?

basketball players

What benefits does a basketball player get?

He gets to play basketball quite a lot.

Who gets the rebound statistically if two opposing player get it at the same time resulting in a jumpball?

the player that wins the jump

Which gets paid more Basketball player or a judge?

basketball players by far

Does a player get credit for a rebound if a shot is missed at the buzzer in the NBA?

The offensive team is credited with a "team rebound" No individual player gets credit for a rebound but the offensive team is credited with a "team rebound." A team rebound is also given following a missed shot, if a personal foul is called before the rebound can be grabbed. It is also given to the defensive team if the ball goes out of bounds after a shot without anyone touching it, or to the team getting the ball if it glances off another player and out of bounds. Also the defensive team gets a team rebound if a shooter misses the rim entirely on the last free throw attempt in a sequence.

What does basketball mean?

Turnover. When the player gets the ball stolen from him.

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