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He pushed down Francois-Louis Treamblay from Canada so Apollo was disqualified and Tremblay got bronze.

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Q: In 2010 for the Olympics who did Apollo Ohno push down in the speed skating 500 meter race?
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Who is the fastest at speed skating?

Apollo Ohno!!!(American record breaker olympian) (i watch winter Olympics alot!!)

Do we have skatings in Olympics?

Yes, Speed Skating is in the Olympics.

Which events did Canada win in the winter Olympics in the 1980's?

Canada won two gold medals at the Winter Olympics in the 1980s, both at the 1984 Games in Sarajevo and both won by Gaétan Boucher in men's 1000 meter speed skating and 1500 meter speed skating.

When was individual speed skating added to the winter Olympics?

The sport of speed skating was first an official sport during the Olympics in 1924.

What sport does Apollo Os-ho do?

Speed Skating

How do the Olympics rank speed skating?

By time.

Number of gold medals won by bonnie Blair?

Five 1988 - gold in women's 500 meter speed skating. 1992 - gold in women's 500 meter and 1000 meter speed skating. 1994 - gold in women's 500 meter and 1000 meter speed skating.

What is an athletic event in the Olympics?

skiing, snowboarding, speed skating, firgure skating...

Which event has been in the winter Olympics the longest?

Events that have been competed since the first Winter Olympics in 1924: 1) Men's singles figure skating. 2) Women's singles figure skating. 3) Mixed pairs figure skating. 4) Four man bobsleigh. 5) Men's ice hockey. 6) Men's 50 km cross country skiing. 7) Nordic combined. 8) Men's normal hill ski jumping. 9) Men's 500 meter speed skating. 10) Men's 1500 meter speed skating. 11) Men's 5000 meter speed skating. 12) Men's 10000 meter speed skating. Both figure skating and ice hockey were competed before the start of the Winter Olympics in 1924. Ice hockey debuted at the 1920 Summer Games in Antwerp and figure skating debuted at the 1908 Summer Games in London. Once the Winter Olympics were established, both switched from the Summer Games to the Winter Games.

How many speed skating stadiums are in the Olympics?

There is one for every winter Olympics.

Which skating events in the winter Olympics use skates with the longest blades?

Speed Skating

Who was favorite to win 2010 winter Olympics short track speed skating?

I think it was Apollo Ohno, but I was so hoping it would have been J.R. Celski!

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