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Dave Brown was the starter and Tommy Maddox was the backup.

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Q: In 1995 who were the two QB for the Giants?
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Who was the New York Giants starting quarterback prior to Charlie Conerly?

Charlie Conorly became the Giants starting QB in the 1948 season. The Giants starting QB in 1947 was Paul Governali and the backups were Jerry Niles and Frank Reagan. Frank Filchock was the Giants starting QB in 1946.

Who was the giants qb in sb xxxv?

Kerry Collins

Who is the QB of the New York Giants?

Eli Manning

Who is the New York Giants starting QB?

elli manning

In Facing the Giants does the QB brake his back?

At the death crawl? No.

Who was super bowl 2012 qb?

Patriots QB: Tom Brady Giants QB: Elisha Nelson "Eli" Manning GO PATS! (even though they lost)

Who was the qb for the giants first Super Bowl win?

Phil Simms.

New York Giants red jerseys?

Yes, Giants alternate jerseys or pracitce QB jerseys are red.

When did Brett Favre make his start as qb?


Will the ny giants win the super bowl?

No because the giants have the most inconsistent, no leadership, full of luck, QB. With the name of: Eli Manning

Who was the giants starting qb?

Elisha Nelson "Eli" Manningwho was born on December 5th 1981

What qb sacked the least in 2010?

In the NFL, both Eli Manning of the Giants and Peyton Manning of the Colts were sacked 16 times, the fewest of any starting QB for the 2010 season.