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Q: In 1966 what was englands mascot called?
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What is Englands mascot?

We don't have anything like a mascot for the country.

The first world cup mascot was in England 1966 what was he called?


What was the world cup football mascot called in 1966?

World Cup Willie.

The first world cup mascot was England in 1966 what was it called?

World Cup Willie

Was englands world cup finals 1966 official?


Who was englands third choice goalkeeper in the 1966 world cup?

Gordon Smith

World cup tournamant for first official mascot?

it was called world cup willie

What is the Largest UK tv audience?

Englands win in 1966 World Cup Final

When was a mascot first used in a World Cup?


Which year was the World Cup Mascot introduced?


Has englands soccer team won the world cup twice?

No. England only won once, in 1966.

What is englands record in World Cup finals?

Yes England won the world cup in 1966.