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It occurred after the first overtime if the score was still dead-locked. In the next ot, the first team that scored a bucket won the game.

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Q: In 1960's was it double overtime then sudden death in boys high school basketball?
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What is the NHL overtime called?

sudden death

Is there sudden death in Super Bowl overtime?


How long do you have to score in basketball?

what you do is try to score ponts as long as you can by the end of the fourth quarter. if in overtime(sudden-death) still try to score as many points you can.

Do you kick an extra point in sudden death overtime after a touchdown?

No. In sudden death overtime if one of the teams scores a TD, the extra point try is omitted.

Is FIFA overtime Sudden death?

no according to some sorces no

In llnois high school football when kicking an extra point in overtime the penalty is roughing the kicker the kick is good what is the penalty if the kicking team takes the extra point?

If overtime is sudden death, there would be no extra point. The game would end when the touchdown is scored. If overtime is based on time, and not sudden death, the penalty would be assessed on the kickoff

Who had the first sudden death overtime game?

The Chicago Bulls. The Chicago Bulls.

Is NFL overtime sudden death?

yes it is the first team to score wins the game

What does sudden death break?

Overtime in which play is stopped as soon as one contestant scores.

In Olympic hockey do teams play with four players on a side in overtime?

5-5 is played with 20 minute period of overtime. this is sudden-death, however.

When did overtime start in the NHL?

Unlimited sudden-death overtime has been used in the playoffs to determine winners since the early years of the NHL. The five minute overtime used in the regular season was introduced in 1983/84 season.

What is the duration of a game of hockey?

Three 20 minute periods. If a regulary season game is tied after three periods, this is followed by a 5 minute sudden death overtime and if necessary a shootout. A playoff game has unlimited sudden death overtime, divided into 20 minute periods.

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