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The New York Giants moved to San Francisco after the 1957 season.

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Q: In 1958 where did the New York Giants move to?
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When did the Giants move to San Francisco?

The Giants first season in San Francisco was 1958.

What two baseball teams were granted permission to relocate from New York to California?

The Brooklyn Dodgers move to Los Angeles and the New York Giants moved to San Francisco to begin play in 1958.

New York Giants moved to san francisco?

In 1958.

Are the New York Giants a football team or a baseball team?

Currently the New York Giants are a football team. There was also a New York Giants baseball team that moved to San Francisco in 1958.

What is the name of the baseball team the Giants?

The San Francisco Giants (formerly the New York Giants before 1958).

What year did dodgers and giants leave new york?

The Dodgers and Giants last season in New York was 1957.

Where were the giants before they moved to San Francisco?

The Giants were known as the New York Giants before they and their crosstown rival, the Brooklyn Dodgers, both moved out west to California.

When were the Giants traded to San Francisco?

The New York Giants weren't traded to San Francisco. They decided to move when their longtime rivals -- the Brooklyn Dodgers -- transferred to Los Angeles. The teams' first season in California was in 1958.

What year did Brooklyn Dodgers leave New York City?

The Dodgers final season in Brooklyn was 1957.

Where did the New York giants get their name from?

The New York Giants got their name from New York's giant buildings. Also, they wanted a name to boast to the other teams. So they picked "Giants". The New York Giants also got their name from the baseball team, the New York Giants, who later moved to San Francisco.

What players were on the 1957 San Francisco Giants?

The San Francisco Giants didn't exist until 1958. The Giants franchise was in its last year in New York in 1957.

How the did New York Giants get their name?

Former New York Giants manager Jim Mutrie gave the New York Giants their name. The New York Giants used to be known as the New York City Gothams.