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Q: In 1839 the British cities of Liverpool and Manchester were connected by?
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Which cities were connected by the first railroad in Britain?

Cities of Liverpool and Manchester were the first to be connected with the railroad in Britain.

Highest populated areas in the British Isles?

In and near to the major cities, especially around London, Birmingham, and Liverpool/ Manchester.

What two cities did the first major Rail Road run between?

Liverpool and Manchester, called the Liverpool and Manchester Railway

Major cities in England?

The biggest cities in England include: * London * Birmingham * Manchester * Liverpool * Leeds * Sheffield * Bristol * Newcastle-upon-Tyne * Nottingham * Leicester

Name three cities which are in the north of England?

Manchester, Liverpool and Newcastle.

Can you tell me 3 cities in the Britain that have mosques?

London, Manchester, and Liverpool

Which is the largest cities in England?

London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester etc.

What are famous cities in The UK?

London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Liverpool, York, Manchester +++

Can you name Britain's largest cities?

London, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool etc.

What are the name of three cities in England?

London, Liverpool and I'm just guessing here..Manchester?

Which English cities benefited from the slave trade?

The two I know of for sure ar Manchester and Liverpool

What are the major cities of the UK?

London, Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham are all major cities in the UK. Also Bristol and Sheffield are major cities as well.