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Hmm, by the way you spelled "years", most likely English class.

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Q: Im 6 ft 160 lbs and im 13 yeers old im strong.What football position should i play?
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The Comical Folk who had no TaleNow gather round chillun, come here round the fire, sit there next to yer mammy and your pappy whilst I tell this tale. Shhhhh. You. You there! I said shhhh. I am now about to tell the tale of the comical Folk who had no tale. That's right chillun, he had no tale. Now you might think a tale about a Folk who had no tale tain't no tale at all, but I say here and now, tain't no tale like the tale of the comical Folk who had no tale....'cept mebbe fer the story of the folk who had no lore....but, that's another tale.Now, once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, there was a young boy who every one called Folk. Now Folk was a well behaved little boy that never caused his mammy or pappy any harm or worry. From the time he was born, which believe you me, he was born with the widest, most toothy smile a new born babe had ever smiled. Now, you may wonder, having' seen a newborn or two in yer day, how a newborn boy could have a toothy smile, and you'd be right to wonder, but believe you me, he had all his teeth 'cept fer his front two teeth, which his mammy kept in a dresser drawer in her bedroom. Of course, all the other mammy's and pappy's were just about as green with envy as any mammy and pappy could be fer seeing the boy named Folk, not yet one week old and smiling at the town with all his teeth...'cept his front two teeth, of course, which his mammy kept in the dresser drawer in her bedroom. But green with envy ain't nuthin' like pretty in pink, and it didn't take too long fer the town folk to discover that the little boy Folk had no tale.Now, the boys pappy wasn't too keen on the fact his boy had no tale so he told mammy, his lovin' wife that he was off to Ken-tuck-ee, to search the world over so he might find his little boy Folk a proper tale. Of course, mammy, pappy's wife had no idea that the world over was a heap bigger than Ken-tuck-ee, so she imagined pappy might be gone fer a while, and so she cried, and cried and cried. Three years later, when the little boy Folk was gettin' on in years, he began to wonder why his mammy was always cryin', So, one day he asked his mammy; "Mammy, why is it you cryin"?" And upon that his mammy went from cryin' to wailin' to sobbin' and blusterin' because she knew by now that pappy, her husband, wasn't commin' back with a tale fer her young boy Folk. Ya see? She just didn't have the heart to tell him that he had no tale an' now it would seem he had no pappy either. So she cried and wept and balled and snorted her nose and cried agin.Well now, Folk didn't much like seein' his mammy weep as such, so in desperation he began to stick his tongue out through the gap in his teeth, where he was missin' his two front teeth, that his mammy kept in a dresser drawer in her bedroom. Now, at first, as ya well might imagine, Folk's mammy didn't much care fer this because....well, let's just say when the young boy Folk would stick his tongue out in between his two missin' teeth that his mammy kept in a dresser drawer in her bedroom, it wasn't the most...well, it wasn't so flatterin' for the young boy Folk and whilst his mammy would never dare say it, at that moment she thought her son looked like an idiot, a morion, and a dunce all rolled into one little boy named Folk who had no tale and so she wailed and cried even louder, sobbing big heavy sobs that made the flesh of her arms wobble and shimmer like lard does when it hangs from a spoon.Even so, the little boy Folk was, and ya cen verify this with any o the townfolk here, cuz everbody knew that the little boy Folk who had no tale was tenacious in his endeavors, and at this moment in front of his wailin' mammy, it weren't no different. So he kept sticking his tongue out between the gap where he was missin' his two front teeth, that his mammy kept in a dresser drawer in her bedroom, but now also put his hands up by his ears and began flappin' those hands as if they were some sort of wings, like the wings of a hummin' bird while he danced a little dance, spinning in circles and hoppin and leapin' whilst he stuck his tongue out between the gap where he was missin' his two front teeth.Now, ya might think that upon seein' his mammy go from blubberin' to laughin' that this would be a sight to behold...and I s'pose in it's own way it was, but jest like Folk stickin' his tongue out in between the gap where he was missin' his two front teeth that his mammy kept in a dresser drawer in her bedroom, watchin' a growed woman go form weepin' ta laughin' jest tain't all that flatterin' 'tall. But she did go from weepin' to laugin', and while she still snorted, now she snorted snorts of laughter that rang through the little town like a church bell on Sunday and all the towns people came to see what it was that had the poor woman with the little boy Folk who had no tale, laugin' as such and the whole town made it jest in time to see the comical dance of the little boy Folk who had no tale.Now, the towns people were in awe at the comical nature of the little boy Folk and, of course, this made all the other mammy' and pappy's red with rage, cuz they knew their own little boys, many who had a tale, weren't nearly as comical as the little boy Folk who had no tale. Now, red with rage tain't nuthin' like purple mountains majesty and while none of the other boys were nearly as comical as Folk, none weren't the laughin' stock of the whole town neither. And bein' the laughin' stock of the whole town, Folk realized that he would never be happy in this town as long as his long lost pappy weren't at home with him and his long sufferin' mammy, so he set it in his mind to pack his bags and head on out to Ken-tuck-ee to find his long lost pappy."B-b-b-but..." Stammered his mammy, "Yer jest a little boy. Still in diapers!! Ya Cain't leave, how will you get by?" His mammy asked in all earnestness. "Don't ya worry none 'bout me, ma. I got a comical nature 'bout me an' I 'spect that with that comical nature I jest might be able to rely 'pon the kindness of strangers." His mammy was flabbergasted an' little ol' Folk could still hear her stammerin' long after he left town on the trail to Ken-tuck-ee. "B-b-b-b-b-ut....."That first day on the road, as the sun began to set and the darkness of night enclose around him, was a might bit scary for young Folk and he began to wonder if mebbe he didn't make a mistake by leaving the comfort of home and his long sufferin' mammy. Then when a big brown grizzly b'ar came 'pon Folk, he was sure he'd made a horrible mistake and wanted to run as far and as fast as he could straight back home. But, that big brown grizzly b'ar stood up on its hind two legs an' young Folk not knowin' what ta do, did the only thing he knew how ta do an' stuck his tongue out in between the gap of his front two teeth, (cuz he left his two front teeth at home in the dresser drawer his mammy kept in her bedroom), an' began to do his little comical dance. The big brown grizzly b'ar, not never seein' such a sight, didn't know what ta do, so he did the only thing he knew how ta do and growled real big and scary like. This was rather comical to ol' young Folk an' he couldn't help but laugh. The grizzly didn't much like bein' laughed at so he left in a huff, discouraged and confused.A little later, down the road, little ol' young Folk, came 'pon a campfire where some dangerous lookin' men were sittin' 'roun and singnin' campfire songs all the do-da way, when they heard the rustlin' noise of Folk. "Who goes thar?" One of the dangerous lookin' men said to Folk and poor frightened little ol' Folk came out from behind the bushes he was hiding behind and said; "It is I, sirs, jest little 'ol Folk without a tale." And the silent response that Folk got was so awkward, so deadly, you could've heerd a pin droppin' down a canyon, bouncin' off of every rock, cranny and nook all the way down with a sudden boom of a crash. Then all of a sudden the men, and there must've been four of 'em, even though yeers later, ta heer Folk tell it, they was mebbe fifty men sittin' 'roun that campfire, but four or fifty, they all of sudden broke out in such a laughter, nobody even heerd that pin crash and boom. Of curse, even though he was comical, didn't much like bein' laughed at and so he started ta turn and leave, when one of those men said; "Wait jest a minute there young un. Jest where do ya think yer goin'"Now, little ol' young Folk was pert near scared like the bejezus was scared outta him and he didn't know what ta say. "Well boy?" Said another; "Cat got yer tongue?" Finally Folk found the courage to speak an' said: "I don't much care fer bein' lauged at, sir." And with that the men all started to laugh a thunderous laughter all over agin and Folk shook his head sadly and started to walk away...agin. "Wait a minute son, we wesn't laugin' at ya, we was laughin' witya." Said the third man. "Son?" Inquired Folk hopefully. "Is you my pappy?" And the thunderous laughter began agin only louder and more thunderous, like Texas thunder. "No son, I ain't yer pappy. What would make ya think such a thin'" Folk answered forlornly; "Well, fer one thin', ya keep callin' me son, an' fer another, I'm lookin' fer my pappy." Then it quiet like, not so quiet ya could heer a pin drop down a well so deep it goes to china, but quite jest the same. Then one of the other men spoke" "What's yer name, boy?" Bein' somewhat shy, little ol' young Folk only whispered his name, afraid they might laugh when they heerd it and despite his whisperin' they heerd his name and the thunderous laughter started agin."Yer name is Folk didja say?" One of the men asked. "Yes sir." Folk replied. "And didja say earlier ya had no tale?' He asked agin. "Yes sir." Was Folks reply and agin they all started laugin' and this was more than poor little ol' young Folk could b'ar and he said: "Now you lookie heer now, I don't take too kindly ta strangers sittin' roun' a campfire laugin' at me all night long, so if ya plans on laugin' some mores, I guess I'll jest take my comical self somewheres else, if ya don't mind." "Now come on son, no need to get yer feathers all in a ruffle. We was jest laugin' at the idea of a Folk without no tale." "Yeah"Said another; "That would be like meetin' a Folk without any lore." And they all started laugin' agin an' this time even little ol' young Folk thought it was funny and so he started laugin' too. "Why don't ya come on over here an' sit down and join us fer some coffee, mebbe we cen hep ya find yer pappy."And so, Folk sat on down at the campfire and accepted a cup of coffee. "What's yer last name, son?" One of the men asked. "Singer, sir." Folk answered. And, 'course, they all started laugin; agin. "What's so funny this time?" Folk asked wearily. "Never mind boy, what's yer pappy's name?" "Jazz sir, Jazz Singer." And they all laughed even harder until on of 'em said; "Wait a minute! Didja say Jazz? Jazz Singer?" And Folk answered eagerly; "Yes sir, does ya know him?" "Know him" the man responded; "Why heck, I helped bury him." And then it got all quiet like, that dead silence like and everbody heerd the gulp that Folk made and one of the men punched the man who buried Jazz Singer an' said; "Whatsa matter witya, Pete? 'At tain;t no way to b'ar bad news." And it was silent agin. Finally, Folk found the courage to speak an' said; "So then, my pappy's dead?" No one spoke for several minutes."Lissen heer, son. Yer pappy, Jazz Singer, was the bravest man I ever did see." "Really?" Little ol' young Folk asked eagerly. "Why shore! Why Jazz Singer saved both me an' ol' Peter over there from a horrible death, that's for shore!" "'Course, savin' us is what cost poor Jazz Singer his life." Pete added. "What did he do?" Folk asked. And then all of the men spoke at once, each givin' his account of how Jazz Singer saved ol' Pete and Shasta Sam. When they was done tellin' the story, the sun had come back up and all the coffee was gone, so Folk got up off of the ground and brushed the dust and dirt from his diaper and said: "Gentlemen, I thank thee fer yer hopitality and I shorely thank thee fer the news of me Pappy, but now I must be headed back home ta my long sufferin' mammy, so's I cen tell her this sad but heroic tale of my long lost pappy. And with that he shook the men's hands who sat aroun' the camp fire and turned back to the road he came from and left fer home.When Folk got home he finally had a tale to tell his mammy and the towns people and while the news was sad, it was somewhat of a joyous event, fer little ol' Folk had finally found his tale an' while not everone lived happily ever after, cuz it's rare indeed to find anyone who lives happily ever after, little ol' young Folk grew up to be little ol' ol' Folk and ya can be rest assured that he, the comical Folk who now had his two front teeth along with his tale to tell, lived happily ever after.