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It can be a sign of pregnancy. The only way to confirm this is to wait until you are late on your period and then take a home pregnancy test.

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Q: If your nipples are itchy and seem like they have changed around the nipple area is that a sign of being pregnant?
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Is it possible to have bumps around your nipple and not be pregnant?

Yes, some nipples are just made that way.

Is a dog pregnant if it has milk in her nipples?

No my dog had milk in her nipple but she was not pregnant it was a fake pregnant

What is a nipple flapper?

A nipple flapper is a device that flaps your nipples around for you!

Can a woman be pregnant even she dont have a nipple on her breast?

Yes, you can get pregnant even if you don't have nipples.

If your nipples itch does it mean your pregnant?

No. The skin maybe dry around the nipple or you have used a soap that has made them itch. Try a cream on them.

What are the small bumps around a womans nipples for?

When you are pregnant those small bumps leak fluid to help lubricate your nipple to help it not dry out.

How do you say nipples in German?

Nippeln = nipples Nippel = nipple

Can you get scabies on your nipples?

Yes. It is more common in women. It can be around the breast, areola, or nipple.

What do what are these strawberries doing on my nipples mean and can you show me a picture of the nipples?

These are Montgomery glands, also referred to as areolar glands. They are located in the areola area of the nipple. They vary in number and their function is to lubricate the nipple and the areola. The areola is the dark area around the nipple.

Would your nipples hurt if your pregnant?

Yes nipple sensitivity and hurting is common during a pregnancy due to the influx of hormones

What makes woman nipples sore besides being pregnant?

Your nipple will also sore due to the hormonal change in your body.

What are the symptoms of a 1 month pregnant cat?

a month in the hair around her nipples should already be starting to separate so you will see a bare nipple, and she may already be putting on weight

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