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Yes the air pressure will increase when the tire warms from use, you should inflate it to manufacturers specs written either on the tire or on your car door when "cold" ( driving a mile or so to the gas station is fine), any increase from heat has already been taken into account by the manufacturer. And no, if there was not a significant change in temperature outside, 6psi. is a substantial amount to have dropped. There have been some recent recalls on valve cores and valve stems for such reasons. So check with the tire shop that put them on to see if they have had any problems. and only use the manufacturers specs of pressure on your car. the specs on the tires are the max pressure of that particular tire. not of your car. always go with what the owners manual recommends.

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Q: If your new tires were set at 35 psi and after sitting 6 hours they dropped to 29 psi is this normal?
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