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Play the ball as it lies, you are only allowed to mark and clean your ball when you are on the putting surface (green). You would receive a two shot penalty if you cleaned your ball.

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Q: If your golf ball has mud on it while its in the faireway what do you do?
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How can one get mud stains off a golf ball?

Simply water and a towel, if the ball is permanently stained it is probably dead, and should be thrown out.

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What does fried egg mean in jargon?

A Fried Egg or a Fried Egg Lie, is a golfing term. First off the term plugging needs to be explained. When a golf ball is plugged it means the ball sticks into the ground either in soft dirt, mud or in sand like in a sand trap. A good portion of the ball will be embedded into the ground instead of resting on top of the ground. A lie refers to where the ball is lying on the golf course. There are good lies and bad lies. A plugged ball is a very bad lie. A fried egg or a fried egg lie is when a golf ball lands in a sand trap and plugs into the sand. The sand splashes away from the ball and with only a portion of the ball visible it gives the appearance of a fried egg. The term only applies to a plugged ball in sand and almost exclusively to sand traps.

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because it adds grip to the baseball and the pitchers want a dark mudded baseball so the batter can not hit the ball. ^ This is partially true, the mud is rubbed on the ball to take its shine off and make it easier to grip. It has nothing to do with the pitcher wanting the ball to be dark so the batter cant hit it. The type of mud has a sandpaper texture and Lena Blackburne rubbing mud is the only type used by the MLB.

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