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football and wide receiver

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If you're a wideout what sport and position are you playing?

You are a receiver playing American football.

If you call an audible what sport and position are you playing?


What muscles do you use when playing sports?

This varies widely depending upon what sport, and depending upon the sport, what position you are playing.

If you're sacked what sport and position are you playing?

football: quarterback

If you're wide out what sport and position are you playing?

American Football

What is the difference between a wideout and wide receiver in the NFL?

wideout is slang for wide receiver

What is the present tense of played?

"playing"; "I played sport yesterday" - "I am playing sport"

Is playing with a yoyo a sport?

yes it is a sport

Is bowling an important position in rounders?

yes of course any position in any sport is important otherwise it wouldn't be the sport that it is.

If your perfect score is 300 what sport are you playing?

If your perfect score is 300 what sport are you playing?

What is the most dangerous position in a sport?

depends on the sport but in my opinion it is the goalie

What do you call a ready position in playing sports?

that depends on the sport, if its baseball, ready posistion on defense is fielders posistion, on offense, its batting stance.

What is the disadvantage of playing sport?

the dissadvantage of playing sport is that you could hurt yourself or make an injury that is not worth playing again

How is maths applied to sport when playing any sport?

# # # # # #

Is viola a sport?

No playing an instrument is not considered a sport.

If you are playing pepper what sport are you playing?


Is it do sport or watch sport?

It can be both. If you are playing a sport for a team. Then you are doing a sport. If you just sitting on your sofa, you are watching a sport.

What is the intention of playing a sport?

wanting or going to play a sport

How many children get injured from sport?

It depends on what sport you are playing.

If you hit the birdie what sport are you playing?

You are playing Badminton.

What sport are you playing if you're playing pepper?


Is playing guitar a sport?

No, it is not.

Is playing the drums a sport?


What should you eat before playing a sport?

Some trainers recommend eating carbs before playing a sport.

What makes sport popular?

We make sport popular by playing them and participation them.