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A good begginner board for you completely depends on what style of riding you plan to do. I am about 6 feet tall and weigh about 200 give or take and I ride two boards. One is a freestyle, Which means that it is meant for goofing around on the mountain and one is an all park board. You will diffinately need a wide with board so when you go to purchase it tell them. I ride a 159 wide and a 157 wide the Burton bullet is a great starter board. That was my first board, also it usually comes in a 450.00$ package that includes boots and bindings. if that doesnt trip your trigger there are good packages with companies like k2 and forum. Good luck out there. Remember everyone was once a beginner.

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Q: If your 5 foot 5 inches and you weigh 120 pounds what is a good snowboard size?
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