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If you go one time around a Baseball field (home plate to 1st, then to 2nd, then to 3rd and then back to home, you will travil 360 feet or 120 yards.

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Q: If you where to go 1 time around a baseball field would it be a yard or a mile?
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How many laps around 8 acres would be a mile?

If would depend on the shape of field. If the field is square, 2 and 1/4 laps would be close to a mile.

Is three laps around a football field a mile?

No, if it just around a football field it is between 4.5 to 5 laps to make a mile.

How many miles is a baseball field?

There are many different answers. The feet on a baseball field is important to measure the mile's the answer has alot of answers.

How many laps around a field hockey field is a mile?

A regulation soccer field is 100 yards x 60 yards. This is 320 yards . 320 yards is 960 feet. 1 mile is 5280 feet. 5280 / 960 feet is 5.5 . So you have to go around 5.5 times to = a mile.

How would you measure a field?

Use mile. I think

How many laps around a gaa field equal a mile?

Four laps around a standard GAA pitch is equal to one Mile.

How many times will you need to run up and down football to reach 1 mile?

at my school we would actually run around the foot ball field five times and that is a mile.

How much is a mile walking?

4 times around a football field

What is the distance of the athletic field and track. Is it a mile around once?

the distance around a track is 400 meters. which is 1/4 of a mile. 4 laps around the track is 1600 meters which is very close to a mile. the mile is 1609.344 meters.

Who invented the mile race?

There is no one person credited for creating the mile race. Track and field has been around sense roman times where men would run to see who was the fastest in rome. The mile race simply came after time.

Distance around track at Pershing Field Jersey City?

1/3 of a mile

Where are the Denver Broncos located in the state?

Sports Authority Field at Mile High is the home of the NFL's Denver Broncos. Formerly known as Invesco Field, it is located at 1701 Mile High Stadium Circle in Denver, Colorado.