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take off the wax and rewax it

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Q: If you wax your snowboard around November and your going on December should you take off the wax and rewax it or just scrape the wax you had on since November and how often should i wax my board?
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How much of the wax do you scrape off a snowboard base?

You want to scrape of almost all the wax leaving a thin coat.

How long to you let your snowboard set after you wax it?

Wait until the hot wax cools down to room temp then go ahead and scrape it off.

What is a snowboard scraper?

A scraper is used to 'scrape' the wax off of a snowboard. After the wax has been applied to the board and has soaked into the board for a few minutes, the excess wax needs to be removed or it will slow you down. The scraper can come in many sizes, but usually is a rectangle shape. IT can also be plastic or metal.

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