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Yes, as long as you are good enough you should be able to.

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Q: If you transfer high schools can you still play varsity sports?
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Can a senior student play on the junior varsity team?

Yeah if there still not good enough to play on the varsity team but with the experience they should have a good chance at playing varsity.

Can students that have virtual high schools still allowed to play sports at a normal school?

i think so

Do you lose college credits if you transfer schools?

No, you still have them. The new college may or may not accept all the credits you earned at the first, but if you go back to the first college, they're still there (though they, in turn, might refuse to accept transfer credits from the new college). If you think there's the slightest possibility you might transfer schools, you should plan ahead and contact both colleges to see what credits will transfer and what will not.

If a student is arrested outside of school can he still participate in sports?

It depends what the school decides.. some schools even expele you.

You really like this guy you are still at varsity and he is working and driving and cute?

Go for it!

If a you are 18-years-old and you transfer schools will the government still pay for it?

It depends on the type of school you go to if it is a private school then you will have to pay for your self

Do they still sell Varsity Jackets in Forever 21?

no they do not, they always adapt to what is in fashion now.

Do you still offer try outs for varsity in track and field?

My team does not. The coach chooses.

Do high schools still use lockers?

Yes, high schools still use lockers.

Can you fail a class in high school and still play high school sports?

Eligibility to play high school sports is not based on individual grades, but rather than your GPA. You can fail a class and still play high schools sports, only if your GPA is about a 2.0. Anything lower than a 2.0 and you become ineligible to play a high school sport.

What sports did they play in schools in medieval times?

AnswerSchool were not yet created only private tutors for the wealthy. AnswerOne of the really cool things about the Middle Ages is that they were not the way most people think they were. Do a little research and discover a different world! There were schools in the Middle Ages. The Byzantine Empire had primary schools at the village level, for both boys and girls, from 425 AD until 1453. The Visigoths opened schools in the 6th century, and so did Anglo Saxons. Even the Vikings ran schools, and believe it or not, a couple of the schools they ran are still operating today.I have seen records of schools, but not of sports in schools. Nevertheless, since medieval people did play sports, it is hard to imagine that people in schools did not. The popular sports of the time included all sorts of races, medieval football, lawn billiards, battledore and shuttlecock (a game reminiscent of badminton), bowling, and others.Please see the link to the related question below.

Is the book Cujo still banned from schools?

Only certain schools.

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