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Q: If you touch a downed power line covered or bare What is the likely outcome?
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What no to do after an earthquake?

Go to a downed power line

What to do after an earthquake?

Go to a downed power line

Is there a safe way of fixing downed power lines?

There is no safe way for anyone to fix downed lines. Call the power company and have them take care of the issue. Avoid the lines at all cost.

How do tornadoes affect a community?

Damage can range from a few damaged homes and downed trees, likely causing power outages, to the complete destruction of neighborhoods and small towns, sometimes leaving dozens dead and hundreds injured.

When was Power House Covered Bridge created?

Power House Covered Bridge was created in 1872.

What is phase loss?

Phase loss is the loss of power to a specific area of the circuit. Phase loss can result from exposed wires or damaged wires or even downed power lines.

How are presidential election outcomes related to the performance of the economy?

The economic achievements of the presiding party during the term will influence the outcome of the election. For example, if the Democrats have been in power and the economy has thrived then it is likely they will be re-elected. Conversely, if the economy has performed poorly, it becomes more likely that the Republicans will gain power.

What was the outcome of the power struggle?

State which one between who

What are three main dangers of a tornado?

The main hazards from a tornado are flying debris, extreme ly powerful winds, and downed power lines.

What is the phone number for Tucson Electric Power?

The customer care number for Tucson Electric Power in Arizona is 520-623-7711; the number to call Tucson Electric Power for emergancies such as downed power lines is 520-623-3251.

Is Falls Church going to get destroyed?

No...there should be some flooding and maybe some downed trees and power outages, but the DC area should be fine.

What should you expect from a tornado?

If a tornado strikes, you can expect there to be damage to property, downed trees, and power outages. In some cases homes may be completely destroyed.