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If you suffer from 'green hair' after swimming, there are special shampoos you can buy to prevent this ROM happening. Always wash hair and shower after using a swimming pool, as they are full of chemicals.

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Q: If you swim and rinse your hair right after will it still turn green?
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Do you shock the pool again to prevent green hair?

No; green hair is caused by copper pipes. Just rinse your hair in water that has not gone through the pool plumbing after swimming.

Tonight I'm bleaching my hair but I want to go swimming Even if I rinse out the chlorine before I bleach it will it turn my hair green?

Chlorine does not turn hair green. Copper in the pool water is the culprit. If you wash your hair before you bleach it, it should not turn green from an earlier swim. If you are concerned about copper in your hair, rinse your hair with white vinegar. That will break down the copper and remove it.

How do you make your hair dye fade to another color green to turquoise?

Rinse it with coffee

How do you prevent your new dyed hair from turning green?

use extra shampoo but don't rinse it

Does rinse break out your hair if your black?

No. A rinse does not make any chemical changes to the hair. Rinses only coats the surface of the hair. It is only a physical change that is being made and it washes right off. Purchase you a good high quality well known rinse and you should be fine.

What happens when you rinse your hair with coca cola?

hat happens when you rinse your hair with Coca Cola?

Do you leave vegetable oil in your or rinse it out of your hair?

Thoroughly rinse the oil from the hair. Shampoo and condition the hair 24 hours later.

Can you put a rinse in your hair the same day you permed it?

Yes, you have to put the rinse in after you have deep conditioned your hair.

Why rinse well your hair?

You should rinse your hair well because if you don't you will get dandruff especially from conditioner.

Is non permanent hair dye bad for your hair?

No they are not. These type of hair colors only coats the surface of your hair such as a temporary rinse, it shampoos right out leaving no chemical change to the hair only a physical change.

Does hair rinse cover gray hair?

No a rinse just lasts one wash and does not go into the hair shaft. The only way to cover gray hair is to use permanent colour.

If you dye your hair black will clorean change it green?

No, Clorine won't cause your dyed black hair to change to green, but it will cause your hair color to fade. You will notice that the color is not as deep as it was when you first colored it. The best way to prevent this is to do the following before going into Clorinated water: Wet your hair and coat it with conditioner. Do Not rinse. After swimming, rinse out your hair well, in cool water. This is good to do even if you're just going swimming in the ocean or in a lake, just to protect your color.

How long do you keep the ketchup in your hair to get the green out of your hair?

True red takes out green, but a shampoo that purifys hair works alot better. Suds hair up, heat up with blow dryer, keep heating it for 10-15 min, rinse out immediately. Shampoo again and condition. That should do the trick!

What is a rinse dye?

A rinse is a temporary dye that is put on to hair and when the hair is washed it will come straight out again therefore only last one wash. Becareful if you have lightened to blonde hair because if it is damaged the rinse might not wash out completely.

What can you do if your hair turned green and what can you cover it up with?

Normally the hair turned green by using bleach to correct this you can go to the beauty supply and purchase a red rinse once you have applied the red rinse to your hair it will stick to the green, after you have rinsed that a little you then need to apply a black rinse over the red rinse and let is set. All this has to be done in the same day, the rinses will not damage your hair at all as it only coats the surface of your hair and rinses out in a few washes. To get the green out you must apply a red on the green or you can visit your local beauty supply and ask them for more help.Once you have followed these steps, shampoo or just wash it out. Apply you some good conditioner and you should be also set.If you prefer another color other than black try a darkest brown over the red.If you can get to a color wheel that refers to hair coloring, on the color wheel colors that are opposite of one another cancels the other out and in this case a red will cancel out the green in your hair. After that you can apply a finishing color over the red.

Can you get in the pool if your hair is bleached?

Yes you can, but wash your hair as soon as you get out. Chlorine can turn blond or light hair green, even if it's natural. If you leave the chlorine out of the pool your hair can still turn green from the algae, I've witnessed this. You'll be fine as long as you shampoo as soon as you get out. Or use a swim cap to keep your hair dry if you can't wash it right away.

How do you get nice hair?

After you have washed your hair, rinse it with cold water to close the hair follicles.

Will fanci-full hair color rinse ruin highlighted hair or color treated hair?

If your hair is dry and porous then it will. When your hair is damaged it soaks in thr rinse and sometimes it doesn't wash out. If you are fearful at all of this happening to your hair I would not use it.

Dose hair dye make your hair greay?

No because you rinse it out.

Do I take a shower after I lighten my hair?

If you have to rinse your hair after you lighten it then you can do it in the shower.

Do you rinse your hair with water after highlighting it with lemon juice and will it weaken the highlights?

yes, you rinse it with water.

How do you get bouncy hair?

Do a weekly beer rinse.

Can you do a rinse dye on your hair after a perm?

Yes you can. I just cut my hair into a short style. She permed it, washed it, and then dyed it(rinse). Its gonna burn though. But its fine.

Can black hair rinse make hair shed?

visit the following URL

What happens if you rinse your hair with coca-cola?

You get sticky hair from all the sugar.