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Presuming a continuous speed through the whole 100 meters, someone who ran 100 yards in 10 seconds would take 10.83 seconds to run 100 meters.

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Q: If you run the 100 yards in 10 seconds how fast will your time be in the 100 meters?
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If you run a forty yards dash in 4.8 seconds how fast will your time be in the 100 meters?

If you maintain that same pace for the whole 100 meters, your time will be 13.12 seconds in the 100 meters.

If you ran 100 Meters in 9.69 Seconds how fast can he run the 40 Yard Dash?

Converting 100 meters into yards... 100 meters = 109 yards Usain Bolt ran "109 yards" in 9.69 seconds... 109 / 9.69 = 11.2 yards per second The "mythical" 40-yard dash time... 40 / 11.2 = 3.63 seconds!!!!! Simply astonishing!

What is the converted time from 42.60 seconds for 440 yards converted to 400 meters?

The converted time for 400 meters is 42.35 seconds.

What is the converted time for 50.4 seconds for 440 yards converted to 400 meters?

50.1 seconds

If you run the 100 yards in 11.5 seconds how fast will your time be in the 100 meters?

Your time would be just about the same since a yard is 36 inches and a meter is 39.37 inches. 100 yards is 91.44m. With a time of 11.5 for about 90m, you are running on average 10m in about 1.28 seconds, making your 100m time about 12.78, given the same circumstances.

If you ran 15.4 seconds in 120 yards what would your time be in 100 meters?

Your time in the 100m would be 13.85 seconds.

If a person ran 440 yards in 48.8 seconds what would that translate into his time for 400 meters?

A 48.8-second 440 (yards) equates to a time of 48.517seconds in the 400m

How fast is your 40 meter dash if your 100 meters time is 11 seconds?

Your 11.0-second time in the 100m translates to 4.4 seconds in the 40 meters.

If you run 100 yards in 9.7 seconds how will your time be in the 100 meters?

you will make approximately 10.4 - 10.7

How fast will you tavel if you are running 40 meters in 3 seconds?

Use the formula: Speed = distance / time. If you divide meters / seconds, the speed will obviously be in meters/second.

What would be your 40 yard dash time if you ran a 12.6 in a 100 meter dash?

Roughly 5.04 seconds. .9144 meters to the yard, so call it 91.44 yards. The 40 yards would come out to about 36.58 meters, which goes into the 91.44 right at 2.5 times. 12.6 seconds divided by 2.5 is 5.04 seconds.

What is the average time for a 40 yard dash for a 9 year old?

There's no hard and fast rule here because scouts don't usually come and professionally time 9 year olds, but a fast 9 year old should be able to cover 40 yards in 6 seconds or less. no, no, no, no, no. average 9 year olds should be able to cover 40 yards in 7.2 seconds. fast 9 year olds should be able to cover 40 yards in 7.02 seconds. the fastest 9 year olds should be able to cover 40 yards in 6.76 seconds.

What is the average speed of 34 meters in 10 seconds?

what is the average speed 34 meters in 10 seconds Average speed is calculated by dividing the distance traveled by the time it took to travel it. In this case, divide 34 meters by 10 seconds to get 3.4 m/s.

How fast can the fastest man on the planet run 100 meters?

Usain Bolt with a time of 9.58 seconds

How fast are you travelling if you cover 22.03 meters in 3.8 seconds?

Distance = Rate * Time Manipulated algebraically, Rate = Distance/Time Rate = 22.03 meters/3.8 seconds = 5.8 meters per second =================

How do you convert your time in 220 yards to 200 meters?

220 yards = 201.2 meters So multiply your time in 220 yards by 0.994036.

How fast should a 9 year old boy run 100m?

16 seconds if you push hard

How fast can a human swim a mile?

The world record for the 1,500 meter freestyle (short course) is 14 minutes, 10.10 seconds set by Grant Hackett of Australia in 2001. 1,500 meters is 120 yards less than one mile. That would put someone swimming a mile at that pace at a time of 15 minutes, 12 seconds. But, remember, that time would be at a world record pace.

A car travels 10 meters in 5 seconds how fast is it travelling?

speed = distance/time 10/5 = 2 Answer = 2m/s ("Two meters per second").

The current world record for 100 meters is 9.69 seconds What would the equivalent time be for the 100 yards?

100 yards = 300 ft = 91.43 meters. So at the same speed, this would be covered in 8.86 secs. WOW! I don't suppose any top class athletes would do 100 yards nowadays, but it would be interesting.

Is twenty eight seconds a fast time for the 200 meter dash?

Depends on your age. The world record for 200 meters is 19.19 seconds, held by Usain Bolt.

How fast is this item going 1000.0 meters in 7.045 seconds?

The idea is to divide the distance by the time.

If you run the 50 yard dash and get 7.2 how fast are you going in miles per hour?

1 miles = 5280/3 yards = 1760 yards. 50 yards / 1760 yards/mile ~= 0.02841 miles 7.2 seconds / 3600 seconds/hour ~= 0.002 hours 0.02841 miles / 0.001833 hours ~= 14.2 miles per hour In general divide 102.27 by your time in seconds to get mph.

If you throw a baseball 80 yards how fast do you throw?

It would depend on the time it takes the ball to get 80 yards. To find the speed, you take the distance (in this case, 80 yards) and divide it by the time it takes to get there. If you take the time in seconds, you'll have the speed in yards/second. If you want to convert that to miles/hour, you would do this: 80 yards = 1/22 miles The time in hours it took would be t/3600, where t is the time it took in seconds. To find the miles/hour after you have the number of miles it traveled and the time it traveled, you would dived 1/22 by t/3600. So let's say it took 2 seconds for the ball to travel 80 yards. (1/22) / (2/3600) = 82 MPH

If skater's time is 1.51.28 in 1000 meters how fast are they going?

If 1.51.28 represents 1 minute 51.25 seconds, then the time taken is approx 1.8547 seconds. So the speed is 1000/1.8547 = 539 metres/sec, approx.

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