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I think that would be considered traveling. You are advancing the ball without dribbling.

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Q: If you rebound your own air ball without the opposing team touching the ball what violation would it be What violation would it be called?
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What basketball term means to position oneself between the basket and an opposing player to get a rebound?

This is called a box out. This is done without using the hands, as that would be a foul. The person uses their rear to back the opposing player up in order to get the rebound.

What is a winner in tennis?

A winner is any shot that bounces twice without the opposing player touching the ball with his/ her racquet

Can a shootet rebound his own bal without it touching the rim first?

If it hits the backboard you get catch it yourself but you can't catch your own air ball

If a throw in goes straight out of play without touching another player what happens?

If that happens the team who inbounded the ball turns over the possession to the opposing team.

Is it considered traveling or some other violation for a player to shoot the ball not a free throw shot hit the backboard but miss the rim and then get his own rebound?

No, it is not consider a traveling vioation. If the ref considers it a shot, the shooter can even catch their own "air ball" without it being a violation.

Does a player get credit for a rebound if a shot is missed at the buzzer in the NBA?

The offensive team is credited with a "team rebound" No individual player gets credit for a rebound but the offensive team is credited with a "team rebound." A team rebound is also given following a missed shot, if a personal foul is called before the rebound can be grabbed. It is also given to the defensive team if the ball goes out of bounds after a shot without anyone touching it, or to the team getting the ball if it glances off another player and out of bounds. Also the defensive team gets a team rebound if a shooter misses the rim entirely on the last free throw attempt in a sequence.

Is it considered a goal if a thrown-in goes into the goal without touching it anyone after it is thrown in?

No, it must touch another player for a goal to be scored. If thrown into your own goal, it is a corner kick for the opposing team. If thrown into the opponent's goal, it is a goal kick for the opposing team.

Identification of mirror without touching?

You can use the shape of a mirror without touching by looking at its shape.

What is 16028 avc violation?

driving without insurance, violation 16028

How does a magnet move an object without touching it?

Magnets are able to move object without touching them due to magnetic force. Electromagnetism is another way to move objects without touching them.

Is driving without a license a violation?


What is a team rebound in basketball?

A team rebound is awarded when no individual secures the rebound of a missed shot. The statistic has little meaning -- its existence is primarily to ensure that the total number of rebounds equals the total number of missed shots, despite the fact that some shots don't have what one would normally consider a rebound. Some examples: * The offensive team gets a team rebound when one of its players misses a shot at the buzzer. * The defense gets a team rebound when a missed shot goes out of bounds without touching a player, and when the last free throw attempt in a sequence misses the rim. * Either team can get credit for a team rebound when a missed shot goes out of bounds off a member of the other team.

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