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That means you ran 20 meters in one second, which is about 66 feet per second. This sounds very impossible, but in miles per hour, it was 237,600 mph. (The math: 20 meters=66 feet. 66 feet per second times 60 equal 3960 feet per minute. Times 60 again gives you 237,600 feet per hour. 60 second in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour.) then divide 237,600 feet by 5,320 and the answer is 44.66 mph. There are 5,320 feet in a mile.

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Q: If you ran 200 meters in 10 seconds what was your speed?
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If someone ran 100 meter in 20 secondsthen ran another 100 meters in 25 seconds what would the runner and average speed be over the whole 200 meters?


If you run the 200 meters in 27.6 seconds how fast would that be if you ran in yards?

200 meters in 27.6 seconds equates to 16.21 miles per hour.

If you ran 400 m in 80 seconds what would be your speed?

400 meters/80 seconds = 5 meters/second.

If you ran 400 meters in 80 seconds what would your speed be?

140km per hour

If you ran 10 meters in 20 seconds what's your average speed?

that's pretty fast

Your granddaughter ran 200 meters in 32 seconds?

depending on age. that's pretty average for a girl

How do you calculate 200 meter dash speed into mph?

1) There are 1609.34 meters in one mile. 1609.34 is 8.05 times more than 200. So take the time that the runner ran the race in and multiply it by 8.05. 2) There are 3600 seconds in an hour. Divide the product you got from multiplying the race time by 8.05 into 3600 and you will get the MPH of the time. EXAMPLE: Someone runs the 200 meter race in 20 seconds flat. Multiply 20 seconds by 8.05 and you get 161. Divide 161 into 3600 and you get 22.36. A runner who ran the 200 meters in 20 seconds flat ran at 22.36 MPH.

Zach ran the 200-meter dash in 25 secondswhat was Zach's speed in meters per second?

Zach ruby and Jake are wicked.... and Zach ran it in 2 seconds.. HE is wicked...... yeh nut ruby is just the best

The runner ran 1500 meters in 5 minutes and 22 seconds what was his speed in minutes and seconds?

His speed equated to 917 feet per minute or 15.3 feet per second.

The winner of a race ran 1500 meters in 5 minutes and 22 seconds. What was the winner's speed in minutes and seconds?

Speed is not measured in units of time (minutes, seconds). If you want the speed in metres per second, divide 1500 by 322.

If you run the 100 yards in 10 seconds how fast will your time be in the 100 meters?

Presuming a continuous speed through the whole 100 meters, someone who ran 100 yards in 10 seconds would take 10.83 seconds to run 100 meters.

Jason ran 200 yards in three fifths of a minute how maqny seconds did it take Jason to run 200 yards?

Jason ran 200 yards in 36 seconds

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