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Q: If you have wide feet and you are a size 7 on Nike total 90 lasers what size should you get for the Adidas f50.8?
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Nike mercurial talaria's or total 90 lasers?

Total 90 lasers....put the ball where you want it

What boots is there on pes 2010?

The boots in Pes 2010 will have 3 brands Adidas, Nike, Puma. From Adidas there will be Adidas Predator Powerswerve, Adidas F50.10 TUNIT, and Adidas AdiNova. From Nike there will be Nike Total 90, Nike Mercurial Vapor V, and Nike Air Legend II. From Puma there will be Puma V1.10, Puma King XL, and Puma Konstrkuct.

What was before Nike?

== Adidas. And before Adidas, Converse [now owned by Nike].

Is Nike better then Adidas why or why not?

Adidas is much better than Nike because Adidas products last much longer than those of Nike and Nike contributes to Sweatshop and Child Labor.

Why is Adidas better than nike?

adidas is better than nike because this my favorite in terms of sports

What is use more Nike or Adidas?


Who came first nikes or Adidas?

adidas is older than nike

Do Nike and Adidas have similar quality and prices?

Nike has 200 coins. Adidas has 220 coins

Who supports baseball more Adidas or Nike?

nike cause I've seen many basketball players wear NIKE not Adidas!!!

Market share of Reebok Nike Adidas and puma?

Nike - 36% Adidas - 21.8% Puma 7% Reebok is a part of Adidas now.

Can Adidas beet Nike?

I don't think Nike or Adidas can beet each other. Thats what I think

What ball bounces higher Nike or Adidas?