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Q: If you have two personal foul penalties in football is the player suspended for that game and the next under Ohio high school rules?
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How many personal fouls does it take to get kicked out of a football game?

There is no specific amount of personal fouls that will cause a player to be removed from the game. The decision to remove a player from the game is a judgment call on the part of the referee and depends on the severity of the penalty or penalties.

First british football player to score a hat trick of penalties?

andy blair

What are penalties in football?

AnswerA penalty is awarded when a player attacking is fouled in the penalty box. Normally the player who fouls is booked.

If a player is ejected from a high school football game will he be suspended for the following game?

depends on the school rules

What happens when a football player is ejected?

He is ejected and may be fined or suspended, but the game he is ejected from he can not return to that game

What are the Personal qualifications to being a nfl football player?

a positive attitude

Who is the best football player in Manchester United?

It is a matter of personal opinion, not fact.

Why is the d on a football field?

The D on a football field is marked there specifically for penalties so that no other player can encroach into the area until the penalty has been struck. It serves no other purpose

What is the penalty for punching another player in college football?

15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. Depending upon the circumstances, the player might also be ejected and/or suspended.

Who is the best football player in thhe world?

This is a personal opinion, if you ask me it is Lionel Messi.

What is al harris the football player phone number? does not provide personal phone numbers.

Is Cristiano Ronaldo the best football player in the world?

This is a matter of opinion. Pele , Zidane , Romarrio . rivaldo were far better and honest footballers. No diving for penalties.

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