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no it won matter because that's the way you born.

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Q: If you have one smaller size boot than binding will it matter?
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Do sims boots fit in ltd snowboard bindings?

It depends on the size of the boot and the size of the binding. A traditional strap binding will work with any brand of boot, it is just a matter of whether or not the sizes are compatible. Attached is a link for a for a general binding size chart. Sizes do vary from brand to brand, but a general chart should point you in the right direction.

Will a snowboard boot fit in any kind of binding?

Yes but their are different size bindings.

How do you tell what ski bindings you wear if i wear a size 11.5 ski boot?

Downhill bindings are adjustable for different size boots. Cross-country bindings only lock into the toe of the boot, so one binding works with any compatible boot.

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What size binding do you need for a size 12 snowboarding boot?

it all depends on the brand. look on the site (if you're buying online) for a size chart, and if you're at a store, someone there should know.

What is the smallest size that a kids ugg boot comes in?

The smallest size that a kids ugg boot comes in is a size 6. There are smaller sizes available for babies.

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What length are ski boot soles?

it all depends on the boot size brand model and type being all mountain or park. for example my 28.5 boot soles will be longer then my brothers 26.5 soles but my dads 29.0 soles may be longer, the same size, or smaller than mine.

What size ski boot is a 330?

A ski boot size 330 is about a US size 10.5-11.

What is a metoeroid?

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What size bindings would you need for a size 10.5 snowboard boots?

It all depends on the brand of the bindings and the boot itself. Some companies may have a size range of 8-10 where-as another company or even model may range from 9-11. What I always do is go to the manufacturer's website and check out the stats for the product I am interested in.

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