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Season tickets are typically applied to the home stadium games/matches only. Season ticket holders often get a priority in purchasing away game tickets. When you buy the season ticket, it will specify exactly what games/matches you are paying for entry into.

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Q: If you have a season ticket can you go to away games?
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Can you go to away games with a season ticket?

No, you cannot go to away games with a season ticket.

Is it better to have a season ticket or individual game tickets to Arizona Cardinals games?

If you are only going to go one or two times just get individual tickets. If you are a hardcore fan and want to travel to see some games I would get season passes....that would be fun and if you have kids and nothing to do during the season it gets you out of the house.

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What pro sports team travels the most?

Baseball because they play the most games in a season of any sport. they have to travel to away games practically every week during the season. Football you go to the away team only once a week for a lot shorter season. Basketball has a lot more games than NFL but they always have at least one day in between games while baseball does not, they play mostly every day during the season.

When do 2012 seattle mariners tickets go on sale?

There are many season ticket plans on sale now Single game tickets will go on sale as the season approaches.

What is the value of a 1949 Yankee game ticket stub?

In general a regular season ticket stub for all teams is worth about $25.00 -$35.00Add a premium to tickets stubs attributed to a player milestone or games of note. Check the box score for the game played and go from there.

When did MLB go to 154 game season?

The 1904 season. Prior to 1904, the season was 140 games long.

When do 2009-2010 regular season Dallas Cowboy tickets go on sale?

i wish i knew. it looks like people, I'm assuming season ticket holders who already have their tickets locked in, are selling individual games on various sites out there. but ticketmaster is the official site for individual tickets and only some preseason games are available at this point.

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How much is a ticket for oceans of fun?

Ranges from $17.00-28.00 But if you go there a lot buy a season pass will save you money!!

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You organized to go to V festival with your friend now you carn't go but i have paid for my ticket now he says he is giving it away but isn't it mine?

If the ticket is bought in his name, but for you money, it is still his. But if it was bought in you name you own it.