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Q: If you forfeit does the other team win?
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What is a forfeit in softball?

A forfeit in volleyball, as in any other sport, is when one team gives up the game therefore causing the other team to win automatically.

Opposite of forfeit?

Three antonyms for forfeit are: gain, win, retain Alternate answer: default..... because if the other team forfeits you win by default

What happens if a team walks out of the game?

Then the other team wins by forfeit.

How can a womens baseball team win without a single person scoring?

forfeit makes sense

What is knock out in netball?

Aknock out is when one team is beating the other team badly and they have to forfeit

What causes a forfeit to occur?

A forfeit can occur due to a few different issues because of the team, conditions or other problems. A team not being ready, or not enough players can cause a team to forfeit as well as some weather conditions that they do not wish to play in.

Can either team forfeit an NFL game?

Yes, they can forfeit.

A sentence for forfeit?

"The man had to forfeit because he knew that there was no way he could win."

When one bowling team forfeits in a league game - does the other team automatically win 4 games?

It would depend on how your league scores each match. For example, if a team is awarded one point per game and one point for the total number of pins the team would be awarded four points due to the forfeit. Also, if a team arrives with less than two team bowlers than technically they are to forfeit their match for the week.

If a basketball coach is throwed out of the game and her and her players walk off the court does the other team win and can a parent come and take her place and coach the rest of the game?

No, it means you forfeit the whole game and you lose

How can you win a baseball game without crossing home plate?

Two answers: 1. The other team doesn't show up, so your team wins by forfeit or 2. you are not a player, but the owner/coach/manager so it's still your team. Somebody crosssed home plate, just not you.

When a team has to quit a race what is it called?