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yes. as long as whoever u want to play for does not require you to never fail a grade.

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Q: If you fail a grade in middle school can you still play sports?
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Why do 7th and eighth graders get to only play sports in middle school?

Because 6th through 8th grade is still considered "middle school"

Are fifth graders old enough for sports in middle school?

5th grade is still elementary school 6-8 is middle school. It depends on what school you go to, some schools think the fifth grade is old enough to be with the older kids. If you are talking out of school you can play any sport :)

Can you fail a grade in high school and still play high school sports?


Can a 16 year old still be in middle school?

Well, they would have to have failed a year of school at least twice to still be in middle school at age 16, since 8th grade is the highest grade in middle school and 16 year olds are supposed to be in 10th or 11th grade.

Is seventh grade high school?

No seventh grade is still middle school. high school starts in grade 9---Actually, at some schools, middle school is 5th and 6th grade, so technically 7th grade is high school, but under very low circumstances.

Who is still in middle school?

It depends on the school. But it could differ from 6-9th grade.

What are the age range for middle school and high school in America?

Middle school varies, because in some places, 6th grade is the first year of middle school, but in other areas, 6th is still elementary school and middle school starts in 7th grade. There are even some places that have 5th grade as the first year of middle school. 8th grade is usually the final year of middle school though. So, the age ranges for middle school can be 10-14, 11-14, or 12-14, depending on what grade starts middle school. High school is usually grades 9 to 12, so that is ages 14-18.

Is fifth grade elementary or middle-school?

Usually it is elementary school, either the final year or the second to last year of elementary (since in some places even 6th grade is still elementary school). But there are some school districts that have 5th grade as the first year of middle school.

Why are middle school sports being cut?

I think it is because of money being tight, but high school sports are still in, but not for fresman. Hope this helps.

Is ninth grade a middle school?

No, although the kids act as if they still are, ninth grade is high school, freshman year.

What grade does middle school basketball start?

In Meridian, Idaho, it starts in seventh grade. Sixth graders can still play Y Ball.

Is 8th grade still middle school?

It depend on which county u live in but most of all yes