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My opinion is that it would be a knock on, the Ref will pick you up on the original drop, I think you'd have to make it clear it is meant to be a drop kick.

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The ball must have been deliberately dropped for the kick.

If you say, attempt to catch a pass and foggle it, then get your boot in before it lands, it is still a knock-on.

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Q: If you drop the ball in rugby and it goes forward but then proceed to kick it is that then a knock on or a drop kick?
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Can a rugby player deliberetly knocks the ball back?

A rugby player can deliberately knock the ball back, but he/she cannot deliberately knock it forward.

Can you play a rugby ball forward with your hand?

no its classed as a "knock on" and a scrum to the opposing team is given If the ball is deliberately knocked forward then a referee can issue a penalty

What is a knock on in soccer?

A knock-on occurs when a player accidently knocks the ball forward with hand or arm. A scrum will be called by the referee and the team not knocking on will have the advantage of putting the ball into the scrum. If the knock-on is considered deliberate by the referee he will order a penalty kick against the offending side. Sometimes the referee will allow play to continue after a knock-on if he thinks the side not knocking on has gained an advantage from their opponent's error.

Does rugby have a wide receiver?

No, rugby doesn't have a wide receiver; that's more an American football term and in that game the ball can be thrown forward or kicked forward. In rugby (both codes), the ball can be kicked forward and passed laterally or behind the ball carrier only

What is it called if you throw the ball forward in rugby?

Scrum defending ball. If an intentional knock on the its a penalty from the point the offence occurred - The exception is a charged down ball where play continues. If the referee believes that a defending player has deliberately knocked on preventing a try taking plas then a penalty try is awarded under the posts.

How a rugby team re-gains possession of the ball?

If the other team makes a mistake such as forward pass, knock-on or they kicked the ball away in rugby league the opposing team gains possession of the ball. It is the same in the union code but there are rucks, mauls, line-outs and scrums which can give the defending team opportunities to gain possession.

Why only pass backward in rugby?

If you pass forward, it will be a forward pass. ~ The "back pass" rule in both codes is one of the few, close to original rules that comes from the day of Webb Ellis "running with the ball". The rules of his time only allowed a player to retreat backwards carrying the ball or kick forwards. The pass in line or behind the ball carrier was placed in the rule book so that the ethos of the ball to the rear was still kept and it was then made an offence to throw/pass the ball forward of the original carrier, however, the carrier can kick the ball forward.

In nrl if the ball hits your head and bounces forward is it a knock on?

absolutely not

What is similar between rugby union and rugby league?

you cant pass the ball forward- 13 positions are the same (league does not have flankers - wing forwards) passing back only knock on offenses trys drop goals penalty goals kick off

What direction must the ball must be passed in rugby?

The ball must be passed either in line with the ball carrier OR as is normally seen to the rear of the ball carrier. A ball thrown forward, dropped forward of the carrier or knocked forward of the ball carrier is a penalty offense

How do you gain ground in rugby?

by running forward with the hooking the ball forward while pushing the opposing pack backwards during a scrumby pushing your own player forward while he is holding the ball, during a maulby kicking the ball forward and catching it, whether it bounces or not

What are the Rules of rugby league in Australia?

the rule of nrl are:no tackles above the shouldersif you drop the ball forward it is a knock onyou can not put an opposing player in a dangerous positionif you do notgo back 10 metres after the tackle you are offsideif you are in front of the kicker you are offsidethese are just the basic rule but there many more