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It depends on what height you drop it from.

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Q: If you drop a tennis ball how long will it take to touch the ground?
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When you drop a tennis ball to the ground why doesnt it return to its initial height?

because it wants to be low enough to give a blowy

Does the tennis ball drop higher then the pingpongball drop higher?

pingball is higher

If you drop a ball from 10 feet and 5 feet which will reach the ground first?

The ball which you drop from 5 feet will reach the ground first.

How high should a tennis ball covered in Rootbeer bounce?

Historically, when the ball get's wet with any liquid, it will drop and dribble 2 or 3 times and then stay on the ground. The highest it will probably bounce is about half a foot.

How high will a tennis ball bounce when its hot?

Should to around 75% of the height that you drop it from.

If you drop a paper clip and a ball witch will touch the ground first?

Assuming the ball and paper clip are dropped from the same height and there is no air resistance, they will touch the ground at the same time because all objects fall at the same rate due to gravity. This is known as the principle of equivalence.

In an investigation:You drop a tennis ball from three different heights: 1 meter, 2 meters, and 3 meters above the ground. You measure to see how high the ball bounces.What is an independent variable?

The weight and the height because the gravity is constant.

Does a soccer ball tennis ball or basketball bounce the highest?

If you drop it, tennis ball of course. Just because the basketball is bigger it doesn't have the same situated location point. However, if you put force in it it basketball.

Can you score a goal from a drop ball in soccer?

No. It is now treated as an "indirect" start of play. This is a rule change that has happened in Aug 2012. It will now be a GK or CK (unless the goal keeper has touch it, on the way to the goal. So effectively you can not score an Own goal as well.

What is rebounce height of dropped tennis ball?

When you drop a ball from, say, 3 metres, it will bounce back to roughly 2 metres.

Does the ball have to touch the floor when the ball is knocked on in rugby?

The laws state that; 'Kicked directly into touch' means that the ball was kicked into touch without landing on the playing area, and without touching a player or the referee. 'The 22' is the area between the goal line and the 22-metre line, including the 22-metre line but excluding the goal line. The line of touch is an imaginary line in the field of play at right angles to the touchline through the place where the ball is thrown in. The ball is in touch when it is not being carried by a player and it touches the touchline or anything or anyone on or beyond the touchline. The ball is in touch when a player is carrying it and the ball carrier (or the ball) touches the touchline or the ground beyond the touchline. The place where the ball carrier (or the ball) touched or crossed the touchline is where it went into touch. The ball is in touch if a player catches the ball and that player has a foot on the touchline or the ground beyond the touchline. If a player has one foot in the field of play and one foot in touch and holds the ball, the ball is in touch. If the ball crosses the touchline or touch-in-goal line, and is caught by a player who has both feet in the playing area, the ball is not in touch or touch-in-goal. Such a player may knock the ball into the playing area. If a player jumps and catches the ball, both feet must land in the playing area otherwise the ball is in touch or touch-in-goal. A player in touch may kick or knock the ball, but not hold it, provided it has not crossed the plane of the touchline. The plane of the touchline is the vertical space rising immediately above the touchline.

What is the name given to tennis short which is executed just after the ball drop?

When the shot is played just as the ball has hit the court, it's called a half volley.