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It depends on what height you drop it from.

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Q: If you drop a tennis ball how long will it take to touch the ground?
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Can a soccer goal be directly scored from a drop ball?

Yes. A goal may be scored directly from a drop ball. A drop ball must touch the ground before any player may kick it. Addendum: This is no longer true as of 2014/15 season. A goal may not be scored on the first touch from a drop ball.

Does a tennis ball or ping pong ball hit the ground first?

If we drop from the same height,and neglect the air resistance,both hit at once.

When you drop a tennis ball to the ground why doesnt it return to its initial height?

because it wants to be low enough to give a blowy

Does the tennis ball drop higher then the pingpongball drop higher?

pingball is higher

Why does a lacrosse ball bounce higher than a tennis ball?

B/c lacrosse ball have a more weight when descending when you drop it than a tennis ball

Does a tennis ball bounce?

Yes, it does. Observe any tennis match or practice, or obtain a ball and just drop it and see what happens.

Does the ball have to touch the floor when the ball is knocked on in rugby?

not unless its a drop kick or a drop penalty kick.

If you drop a ball from 10 feet and 5 feet which will reach the ground first?

The ball which you drop from 5 feet will reach the ground first.

How many times will a tennis ball bounce?

It depends what height you drop the ball and what surface the ball is being dropped on.

What is the rule when the golf ball lands in a cart?

You mark where the ball would lie if it was on the ground, lift it, move the cart and then drop the ball as close to where it would be as if it was on the ground. This is a free drop.

What would drop first a tennis ball or basketball?

fall at the same time

What is a drop shot in tennis?

A drop shot is a shot in raquet sports which requires slicing the ball, putting a backspin on the ball just over the net.

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