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Yes. If you drill the ball on the wrong side it would be considered a "dead" ball and will not hook correctly. A ball can be drilled for different styles of hooking a ball as well, depending on how aggressive the bowler's style is.

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Q: If you drill a bowling ball without locating its PAP will it affect the way the ball hooks?
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How do you drill a bowling ball for a left hander?

very carefully

Where can you buy a bowling ball drill?

In most cases, a bowling proshop is located within or adjoining a bowling center.There are a few standalone retail shops, such as in Milwaukee, WI.Visit your local center and ask about their proshop.

Where is a place to get a bowling ball?

Bowling Proshops are the common location to purchase a bowling ball. Usually proshops can be found in your local bowling center. In some locations, such as Milwaukee, WI, there are standalone business that sell, fit and drill bowling balls. In more recent years, there have been online proshops where bowling equipment can be purchased.

Can any bowling ball drill layout work on any ball?

yes, but if you layout the ball the same on all bowling balls, the reaction will be different. So for example, if you has a Columbia 300 Scout and a Lane #1 Black Cherry Bomb with the same drill layout, one would tend to hook more than the other depending on how you drill it. Hope this helped. :)

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Start by drilling a round "pilot" hole, then shape it with an end mill.

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You could theoretically drill the holes REALLY deep...but you'd be better off buying a lighter ball.

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