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FFMDgdfohfgjh,mmjhgpkg. FFMDgdfohfgjh,mmjhgpkg.

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Q: If you dig a volleyball and then it hits your face is it counted at 2 touches?
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Is a ball in volleyball counted in if it hits the center line?

If the ball hits any line on the court, it is in.

What happens if the volleyball hits the pole in volleyball?

I am assuming that you mean the red and white pole attached to the net, and if the volleyball touches that during the game, the other team would get the point and the ball

In volleyball if ball hits the white line is it out of bounces?

In volleyball, if the ball hits the white line, or edge of the court, it is counted as in, and the point is given to the opposing side from where the ball landed.

How can you score points in volleyball?

when your side(your team) hits or bumps or sets the ball over to the other side and it touches the floor

How many hits are allowed per side during a volleyball game?

3 touches to send the ball back to the other team.

In volleyball What is it called when a surve goes over and in and no one touches it before it hits the floor?

It would be called an "Ace". It also counts if only one person touches it, but some people argue that.

What happens if the volleyball hits the line in volleyball is it out or in?

If a volleyball hits the line in volleyball, the ball is considered to be in (any part of the ball).

What are the three hits in volleyball?

The Three hits in volleyball are a bump, set & spike. Answered by Ray :)

How many hits are allowed before it hits over the net in Volleyball?

Well there is technically only allowed a maximum 3 hits/passes before the ball can cross over the net, but if the ball is tipped from a block this touch is not counted with the 3 hits/passes.

In Tennis What Happens If The Ball hits the net during play?

If the ball hits the net and goes over during a serve, it is called a let and is not counted as a fault. If it doesn't go over it is counted as a fault. In play, if the ball touches the net but goes over it is counted and a point is given to the player who hit it; if a ball hits the net but it doesn't make it over, a point is given to the receiving player.

What is a smash in volleyball?

Smash is when a hitter spikes or hits the ball to the other side. The ball must go downward to be a kill to be a 'smash'. (kill= when you spike the ball really hard and no one touches it.)

Is the ball in or out when it hits the line in volleyball?


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