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A 40C would have the same cup size as a 38D or 36DD.

The number is the "band size" or "back size," and refers to the size of your frame excluding your breasts. The correct band size will usually be your underbust/ribcage measurement rounded to the nearest even number, for example if your underbust measures 33 inches you will most likely need a 34.

The cup size is represented by a letter, and this is relative to the band size so if you currently fill a 40C but you need a 38 band, then a 38C will be too small. You will need to try a 38D - go up one cup size for every band size that you go down.

Although different bra sizes have equivalent sized cups, it is not recommended to wear a different size to the proper one. This is because the band needs to be a firm fit around the ribcage in order to support the cups properly and not ride up in the back. Also, the band size determines other dimensions of the bra such as the shoulder strap spacing and the width of the cups. On a smaller band size, the cups and the shoulder straps will be spaced closer together as they are designed to fit a narrower chest.

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Q: If you can wear 40c bra to size 38 bra does that mean you can also wear a 38dd bra too?
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